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Students I - Q:

Chemistry and Bioengineering BSc
Energy Technology MSc
Renewable Energies BSc
Automotive and Engine Technology BSc, MSc
Mechanical Engineering BSc, MSc
Mechatronics BSc, MSc
Medical Engineering MSc
Engineering Cybernetics BSc, MSc
Technical Biology BSc, MSc
Technology Management BSc, MSc
Process Engineering BSc, MSc

Students International Master programs and Double Master programs L - Z:

Commas (PO 2016)
Computational Linguistics
Computer Science
Energy Technology
Automotive and Engine Technology
Geomatics Engineering
Information Technology
Infrastructure Planning
Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design (IUSD)
Integrative Technologies and Architectural Design Research
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (Georgia Tec)
Materials Science
Simulation Technology
Engineering Cybernetics
Water Resources Engineering and Management (WAREM)
WASTE (PO 2015)

Further Particulars:

Substitutes: Bärbel Biermann, Tanja Saleck
Substitutes International Master programs and Double Master programs: Elisabeth Schneider