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In commitment to high quality teaching and learning, the University of Stuttgart has established the position of an Ombudsperson in October 2011. We are able to offer you this service thanks to a successful project proposal (“QuaLIKiSS”) with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, designed to enhance the quality of teaching at the University of Stuttgart.

The Ombudsperson is an impartial and strictly confidential contact person who lends her support to all students and facilitates dialogue between students and the University when they need help to settle disagreements, problems and grievances.

The Ombudsperson functions on an informal basis by such means as: listening, providing and receiving information, identifying and reframing issues and developing a range of responsible options. She does not impose solutions, but acts as a mediator in problem-solving and conflict resolution.

In doing so, the Ombudsperson complements the existing network of advising and counselling services at the University of Stuttgart and serves as a liaison between students, faculty and administration. Her work contributes to preserving and further enhancing quality standards in teaching. Furthermore, the Ombudsperson helps to identify trends, issues and concerns about policies and procedures and reports to the Rectorate and the University Senate without breaching confidentiality or anonymity.



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