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The Ombudsperson is bound to the following principles:

-         CONFIDENTIALITY: the Ombudsperson is obliged to maintain strict confidence and will not provide information to anyone without your explicit approval

-         IMPARTIALITY: the Ombudsperson strives for impartiality, fairness and objectivity in the treatment of people and when considering issues brought forward

-         INDEPENDENCE: the Ombudsperson serves in no additional role within the University which could compromise her independence

-         COUNSELLING: the Ombudsperson is giving advise and can give recommendations

-         MEDIATION: if necessary and with your permission, the Ombudsperson can engage in informal third-party intervention

You can contact the Ombudsperson

-         if you feel that a particular University policy or regulation has been applied to you unfairly or erroneously

-         if you are unsure about which rules or procedures apply to your situation and whom to contact

-         if you need someone to intervene on your behalf to help solve your problem

-         if you need someone to facilitate communication between you and a member of administration or faculty

You can discuss these and other issues with the Ombudsperson who will listen to you, provide information and assist in identifying the options available to you.