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Prof. Dr. Laschat
Universität Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 55
D-70569 Stuttgart

Ursula Henn
NWZ I, 5-102
+49711 685 64268
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How we can be reached

When travelling by car, please use the address shown on the left for your navigation system or map. Parking areas can be reached by following the road Pfaffenwaldring.

Within Stuttgart, the University of Stuttgart in Stuttgart-Vaihingen is easily reachable by using the local transport:

  • Starting from the airport: The S-train station is located at level 1 (Signs: white S on green background as shown on the map below). Before using the S-train, tickets have to be bought at the orange ticket automat. This automat is located immediately before the escalators which go to the platform. The ticket has to cover 2 zones which can be done by selecting Universität as destination in the respective menu. Payment is possible by using cash or bank card. Any S-train on the lines S2 or S3 starting from Flughafen heading to Schorndorf or Backnang respectively will stop at the university after 16-18 minutes.
  • Starting from the midtown or main train station: The ticket also has to cover  2 zones and can be bought at any of the several orange automats located one level above the S-train platform.  All S-trains S1 (Vaihingen), S2 (Filderstadt) and S3 (Flughafen/Messe) starting from Hauptbahnhof will stop at Universität after 10 minutes.

Please check VVS for departure times and an overview of the local train system.

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