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English – State Examination (Staatsexamen Lehramt)

Deadline for Applications 15.07.


Major and Minor

Compulsory courses in undergraduate degree:

  • Literary Studies: G1, G2, G3, Essay Writing 1
  • Linguistics: G1, G2 (2 exercises), G3, G4, Translation (DE)


Orientation test (after the 2nd, at the latest after the 3rd semester):

  • G1 Literary Studies
  • G1 linguistics
  • translation


Additional foreign language:

  • Certificate required before intermediary exams
  • “Latinum” or
  • French or Italian or Spanish (at least 4 years, at least "sufficient")


During the course:

  • Educational studies
  • Ethical and Philosophical Foundations (EPG)
  • Internship (“Praxissemester”) (in one stretch or divided)


Study plan / macrostructure English (LA Gym)

Examin regulations: State examinations

Module overview Lehramt English Studies


English - BA- State Examination - Lehramt

Course of studies / macrostructure (german)  

Regular Procedure (link) / Special Exam Regulations (pdf download german only)

Handbook of Modules (pdf download german)


English - BA

Major and Minor

Deadline for Applications 15.07.


Compulsory courses in the 1st year of study (orientation test):

  • Basic Module Literary Studies: G1, G2, essay writing, lecture
  • Basic Module Linguistics: G1, Phonetics and Phonology, English Grammar, Sentence Structure
  • Basic Module Language Practice: Phraseology, Translation 1, Translation 2


Additional foreign language:

  • “Latinum Certificate for Latin” or Certificate for Romance language or Russian


Study Plan BA English Studies 
Overview Bachelor Anglistik - alt 
General Exam Regulations Bachelor - old

Special exam regulations Bachelor - old

Overview of exam regulations Bachelor of Arts

Module Overview Bachelor of Arts English Studies


(LSF is more up-to-date compared to the module manuals, so if there are discrepancies regarding modules, then LSF applies before the manuals.)


Master of Arts (MA) English

Major and Minor


Overview of Exam-Regulations Master of Arts (german only)

Module Overview Master of Arts English Studies


Master of Arts (MA) Knowledge Cultures

Overview Master of Arts Knowledge Cultures


Double Degree English (University of Stuttgart) with an economic pedagogical profile of the Bachelor's degree in economics at the University of Hohenheim


English in three semesters - overview from summer semester 2008

English in four semesters - Overview from winter semester 2008/09