Central Student Advisory Service

Central Study Counseling (ZSB)


For general questions

The Central Student Advisory Service informs and advises students with respect to the possibilities of studying, the content, the structure as well as the requirements of respective study programs and helps with other study related problems and questions.


Central Student Advisory Service


Departmental Study Counseling


Program related questions arising in course of your degree can be discussed with the departmental study counselor of the individual departments. The study councilors also provide the obligatory counseling required for a change of study programs after the 3rd semester.


Manager of Study Programs and Departmental Study Counselor


Dr. Thomas Wägenbaur Email

Office hours: Thursday 11:00 - 13:00


Should you have general questions regarding your program or degree please you may as well consult any member of the departments of American Studies and English Literatures.


For questions regarding examination topics, please contact:

Dr. Thomas Wägenbaur Email

Office hours: Thursday 11:00 to 13:00

For the Department of English / Linguistics:

Dr. Silke Fischer (Linguistics) / Email


Please check office hours and make appointments via e-mail beforehand



General Help and Counseling.


In addition to the Department of English Studies and American Studies, the counselor Kathrin Ott, MA helps with questions such as:

What if I missed a deadline?

Studying with a child?

Time management.

Info PDF for print.



Student Association.

In addition to the official representation of students within the Faculty Council as defined by university law, the student association is an organization, which supports fellow students with regard to various aspects of the everyday life.



First Survival Guide


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