International Conference “Disciplining the Margins or Relocating Postcolonial Studies”,

                                   Stuttgart/Freudenstadt, 21-24 July, 2011


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Programme is available as pdf


17.00                                      registration

18.00                                      introduction

18.30                                      Harish Trivedi, “The Precolonial and the Postcolonial: A Long Perspective”


20.15                                      conference warming



9.00-9.45                                Bill Ashcroft, “Post-colonial Futures: Beyond Grand Theory”



10.15-12.00                            Ananya Jahanara Kabir, Old Words, New Worlds:

                                               Philology and Empire, Revisited for Postcolonial Times


Jochen Achilles, “Redefinitions of the (Post)Colonial in Contemporary Drama: Transnational Aesthetics in African American Drama

lunch break


14.00-15.30                            Caroline Rooney, “The New North Africa: Postcolonial Theory and Humanism”

                                               Dirk Wiemann, Subaltern Studies and Transmodernidad: South-South Encounters in Theory”



15.45-17.45                            Renate Brosch,Place-Writing: The Regional in Postcolonial Studies”

Nadia El Kholy, De-colonizing the Imaginations of Young Readers and the Initiation for the Nation”

                                               Saskia Schabio,“Caribbeanness, the Americas, mondialité:

                                               Beyond the Black Atlantic



9.00-9.45                                Deepika Bahri, “Race in Question in Postcolonial Literature”


10.15-12.00                            Patrick Williams, “Undisciplined marginals:  a few revolutionary humanists”  

Adi Wimmer,
“‘But Sometimes the Margin Colonizes the Centre’. How Aboriginal Politics is Trying to Reverse the Historical Process of Cultural Hegemony”


lunch break


13.30-14.20                            Sue Kossew, “Reconstructing the Past: Colonial History in Kim Scott’s That Deadman Dance


14.30                                      outing “Hohenzollern” / transfer time approx. 1 hour


20.00                                      dinner at Zollernblick



9.00-9.45                                Mpalive Msiska, “What is a Theory? Post-colonial Theory and its Discontents”

coffee break


10.15-11.45                            A. Robert Lee, “Postindian/Postcolonial: Literary

                                               Representations of Native America


Walter Göbel, “African American and Postcolonial Studies”


11.45-12.00                            Summing up / final discussion