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Disciplining the Margins or Relocating Postcolonial Studies

International Conference, 21-24 July 2011

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Waldhotel Zollernblick Lauterbach

Accommodation Anfahrt

High above the Lauterbad stands a house rich in history, build in 1896, modernised throughout the last twenty years and recently enhanced using Feng Shui principles. The house rises in it´s full glory on the sunny side of the mountain, offering it´s guest breathtaking views over the Freundenstadt region. The only sound to hear is the whispering of the wind in the trees surrounding the hotel, whilst our guests appreciate the romance of the season´s ever-changing colours .Experience the peace and tranquillity of our mountain. The main house "The Residence" has been recently renovated. We can now offer our guest exclusive bedrooms, studio apartments, lifts, an original coffee-shop ambience in the "Delfter room" as well as the experience of dining like nobility in our luxurious restaurant high above Lauterbad...