Consuming energy sustainably consuming sustainable energy

The project “Consuming energy sustainably -consuming sustainable energy. Heat energy in the field of tension between social predictors, economic conditions and ecological consciousness” is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of the topical focus "From knowledge to action- New approaches to sustainable consumption" of the “Socio-ecological research” under the promotional reference 01UV0808.

The project pursues scientific as well as practical goals:

  • The scientific goal is the comprehensive and interdisciplinary analysis of heat energy consumption.
  • The practical goal is to devise recommendations for action for consumers, actors in the periphery of consumers, such as tradesmen or energy consultants as well as political decision makers to actively promote the sustainable use of heat energy.

Both the scientific analysis and the practical recommendations for action are guided by a comprehensive conception of sustainability. According to this conception sustainable use of heat energy can follow three different strategies:

  1. utilizing fewer energy sources for the same amount of energy services,
  2. consuming sustainable energy resources to satisfy the power demand and
  3. reducing the demand for energy services.

The project is carried out by an interdisciplinary, scientific team in tight cooperation with participating practitioners.

The project began in March 2008 and ends in June 2011.