Sonderforschungsbereich 732:


Integrated Research Training Group

The Integrated Research Training Group invites applications for short-term one-year grants for PhD students. The grants are intended to support PhD students in collaborating with researchers and other PhD students of the SFB, if they are interested in theoretical and/or computational approaches to analyses of context specification.

Grant holders are expected to affiliate with a research project in the Collaborative Research Centre. Information concerning the projects within the SFB can be found here. Information on the aims and objectives of the Integrated Research Training Group can be found here.

Qualification Requirements: Applicants from within and outside Germany are invited to apply. The candidates are expected to hold a Master's degree (or equivalent) in Linguistics/Computational Linguistics and have a research focus on analyses of linguistic specification in context.

Application Procedure: Interested candidates are invited to send their electronic applications, including

  • their Master's degree or equivalent (scan),
  • a CV (including two contact data for references),
  • a short sketch of the planned dissertation project (1-2 pages), and
  • an accompanying letter outlining their motivation for applying at the Collaborative Research Centre. The motivation should explicitly indicate the project the candidate wishes to be affiliated with.

The applicants are asked to contact the Principal Investigator of the respective project before they send in their application, in order to check the suitability of the proposed dissertation project.

Candidates with an additional interest in the field of digital humanities are asked to note this in the application.

The contact for the application is Dr. Katrin Schweitzer.