Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Plan of the meetings 2016/17
Date  Speaker  Topic 

Boris Haselbach
Michael Neumann
Organizational matters
Convolutional Neural Network-based
Speech Emotion Recognition
18.11.2016 Yvonne Viesel The discourse particel 'ja' in questions?
Experimental evidence and natural findings
16.12.2016 Casey Woolwine Indefinites as restricted free variables
13.01.2017 Isabel Suditsch Challenges of interdisciplinary communication
10.02.2017 Daniel Ortega

Dialog-act classification using
Convolutional Neural Networks

21.04.2017 Sabine Schulte im Walde
Boris Haselbach 

organizational matters

19.05.2017 Jeremy Barnes Improving sentiment analysis with task-specific data
23.06.2017 Moritz Stiefel (MS)
Sabrina Stehwien (SS)
Dominik Schlechtweg (DS)
Boris Haselbach (BH)
(i) Code-switching Language Modeling with Bilingual Word Embeddings (MS)
(ii) presentation of Andrew Rosenberg (SS)
(iii) presentation of Nicholas Asher (DS)
(iv) presentation of Ronnie Wilbur (BH)
(v) organizational matters (BH)
21.07.2017 no meeting

The meetings take place at the IMS, room V 5.01, between 9.45 and 11.15 am.