Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Activities - Guest lecture series

Time & venue:
Mondays, 2-3.30 p.m. (in room V 5.01/5.02 at the IMS, Pfaffenwaldring 5b)
Only in weeks of SFB meetings, talks can take place on Thursdays, 5.30-7 p.m. (in room 17.13 at the KII, Keplerstr. 17).

Programme SS 2015 
13.04.2015 SFB meeting (KII, 17.52)
20.04.2015 Casey Kennington
Universität Bielefeld
Incrementally Resolving References to Visually-Present Objects in a Situated Dialogue Setting
27.04.2015 Room 17.15 (Keplerstr.17, KII)
Marzena Zygis

ZAS, Berlin
Prosodic cues in whispered speech: Empirical insights into prosody from a segmental perspective
(T) 30.04.2015 Andries W. Coetzee
University of Michigan
The role of listeners and speakers in sound change: Afrikaans devoicing and tonogenesis as a case study 
04.05.2015 Frank Keller  
University of Edinburgh

How Humans (and Machines) Integrate Language and Vision: Image Description as a Test Case
11.05.2015 SFB meeting (IMS, V 5.01/5.02)
18.05.2015 no talk
25.05.2015 no talk - Pfingstmontag
01.06.2015 in room 17.15 (KII, Keplerstr. 17)!!!
Andreas Trotzke

Universität Konstanz
Expressive particle verbs as a distinct grammatical class
08.06.2015 SFB meeting (Breitscheidstr. 2b, M 2.11)
09.06.2015 Extra talk, 5.30 -7 p.m., room 17.23 (KII, Keplertsr. 17)
Jaklin Kornfilt
Syracuse University
Turkish Relative Clauses between Central Asia and the Mediterranean
10.06.2015 Extra talk, 3.45-5.15 p.m., room V 5.02 (IMS, Pfaffenwaldring 5b)
Cristel Portes
Universitè Aix-en-Provence
Intonation and meaning in conversation
(T) 11.06.2015 Room V 5.01/5.02 at the IMS (Pfaffenwaldring 5b)
Nicolas Asher

IRIT, Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
Integrating formal and distributional semantics
15.06.2015 no talk
22.06.2015 Judith Eckle-Kohler
TU Darmstadt
Standardizing syntactically rich NLP lexicons for the Semantic Web: use cases of the lemon lexicon model
29.06.2015 in room 17.15 (KII, Keplerstr. 17)!!!
Marika Lekakou
University of Ioannina
Polydefinites in two varieties of Modern Greek
06.07.2015 Regina Barzilay
RBG dependency parser: combining low-rank tensor factorization with randomized greedy decoding to achieve high parsing accuracy 
13.07.2015 SFB meeting (IMS, V 5.01/5.02)
Justus Roux
Uni Stuttgart, Mercator Fellow A2/A7
Developing and managing resource scarce languages: the South African case
(T) 16.07.2015 Room V 5.02 at the IMS (Pfaffenwaldring 5b)
Felix Bildhauer & Roland Schäfer

FU Berlin
Größer und besser ist am besten: Konstruktion und Evaluation der COW14-Webkorpora bzw.
Bigger and better is best: Construction and evaluation of the COW14 web corpora
17.07.2015 Extra talk, time 9.45-11.15 a.m., room 12.21 (Azenbergstr. 12)
Petros Karatsareas
University of the West of England, Bristol
Greek as a heritage language: challenges and opportunities

(as part of the workshop on "Greek as a heritage language", 17.07.2015, 9.45-13.00, room 12.21) 
20.07.2015 Pascal Denis
INRIA, Université Lille
Learning Latent Trees for Joint Coreference Resolution and Anaphoricity Detection
07.09.2015 Extra talk, 5-6.30 p.m., room V 5.01/5.02 (IMS, Pfaffenwaldring 5b) 
Marten van Schijndel
Ohio State University
Frequencies that matter in sentence processing