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Publications (Peer-reviewed papers)



  • Gabriella Lapesa, Lea Kawaletz, Ingo Plag, Marios Andreou, Max Kisselew and Sebastian Padó: Disambiguation of newly derived nominalizations in context: A Distributional Semantics approach. Word Structure, 11(2), 2018. In press.


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  • Elnaz Shafaei Bajestan, Diego Frassinelli, Gabriella Lapesa, Sebastian Padó. DErivCelex: Development and Evaluation of a German Derivational Morphology Lexicon based on CELEX. In: Proceedings of DeriMo2017, Milan, Italy. [paper]
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  • Gabriella Lapesa, Sebastian Padó, Tillmann Pross, Antje Rossdeutscher. Are doggies cuter than dogs? Emotional valence and concreteness in German derivational morphology. In: Proceedings of IWCS 2017. Montpellier, France. [paper]
  • Mariia Melymuka, Gabriella Lapesa, Max Kisselew, Sebastian Padó. Modeling Derivational Morphology in Ukrainian. In: Proceedings of IWCS 2017. Montpellier, France. [paper]


  • Sebastian Padó, Aurélie Herbelot, Max Kisselew, Jan Šnajder. Predictability of Distributional Semantics in Derivational Word Formation. In: Proceedings of COLING 2016. Osaka, Japan. [Paper] [Slides] [BibTeX]

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  • Max Kisselew, Laura Rimell, Alexis Palmer, and Sebastian Padó. Predicting the Direction of Derivation in English Conversion. In: Proceedings of the ACL SIGMORPHON workshop. Berlin, Germany, 2016. [paper]


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  • Sebastian Padó, Britta Zeller, Jan Šnajder. Morphological Priming in German:
    The Word is Not Enough (Or Is It?). In Proceedings of 1st Conference on Word Knowledge and Word Usage: Representations and Processes in the Mental Lexicon (NetWordS 2015), Pisa, Italy. 2015. [paper]


Posters and talks (Peer-reviewed abstracts)



  • Gabriella Lapesa, Lea Kawaletz, Marios Andreou, Max Kisselew, Sebastian Padó, and Ingo Plag. Type disambiguation of English -ment derivatives In: In: Proceedings of the 11th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting. Nicosia, Cyprus. [poster]


  • Rossella Varvara, Gabriella Lapesa, and Sebastian Padó. Quantifying regularity in morphological processes: An ongoing study on nominalization in German. In: ESSLLI DSALT Workshop: Distributional Semantics and Linguistic Theory. Bolzano, Italy, 2016.

  • Gabriella Lapesa, Max Kisselew, Sebastian Padó, Tillmann Pross, and Antje Rossdeutscher. Characterizing the pragmatic component of distributional vectors in terms of polarity: Experiments on German über verbs. In: ESSLLI DSALT Workshop: Distributional Semantics and Semantic Theory. Bolzano, Italy, 2016.
  • Tillmann Pross, Antje Rossdeutscher, Sebastian Padó, Gabriella Lapesa, and Max Kisselew. 'Over reference': A comparative study on German prefix verbs. In: ESSLLI SemRefPlus Workshop: Referential semantics one step further: Incorporating insights from conceptual and distributional approaches to meaning. Bolzano, Italy, 2016.
  • Marios Andreou, Lea Kawaletz, Max Kisselew, Gabriella Lapesa, Sebastian Pado, and Ingo Plag. Instance-based disambiguation of English -ment derivatives. In: Proceedings of the conference on cognitive structures: Linguistic, Philosophical and Psychological Perspectives. Düsseldorf, Germany, 2016.


  • Sebastian Padó, Alexis Palmer, Max Kisselew, Jan Šnajder. Measuring Semantic Content to Assess Asymmetry in Derivation. Advances in Distributional Semantics workshop at IWCS 2015. [extended abstract]