Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

About the Integrated Research Training Group

The goal of the integrated graduate school was to provide the PhD students in the SFB with a structured qualification program for academic training and a forum for mutual exchange and feedback. To this end, a teaching program aimed at broadening the background and improving the professional opportunities of the PhD students, to ensure further qualification of the graduate school members. Courses were taught

  • by the academic staff,
  • by postgraduates specialized in a particular domain (e.g. speech processing, lexical semantics, corpus linguistics), or
  • by external researchers and GRADUS (graduate academy of the University of Stuttgart), on topics that complement the expertise of the SFB members (e.g. statistical methods, visualization techniques), and soft skills for doctoral students (e.g. writing skills, presentation techniques).

Additionally, graduate school members met regularly to present and discuss their postgraduate work in an equal-status group and to encourage collaborative and interdisciplinary research.

Short-term research grants for PhD students served as a special tool for mutual exchange and collaborative work. The grants were closely linked to individual projects of the SFB.

The structural goals of the Integrated Research Training Group were

  • to intensify national and international exchange with PhD students working on closely related topics,
  • to identify and foster novel collaborations and connections with other research institutes through the exchange of graduate students, and
  • at a more general level, to support ongoing research in the SFB projects and the exchange between the SFB projects, areas and research fields.