Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Presentations of our SFB members in 2006

Jerusalem, 22nd annual meeting of the Isreal Association for Theoretical Linguistics (IATL),

Artemis Alexiadou & Florian Schäfer:

Towards a typology of instrument subjects

COLING, Sydney,

Helmut Schmid:

Trace Prediction and Recovery with Unlexicalized PCFGs and Slash Features

COLING, Sydney

Hinrich Schütze & Michaela Atterer:

The effect of corpus size in combining supervised and unsupervised training for disambiguation (Poster)

ESSLLI Sommerschule, Málaga,

Arndt Riester:

Only Scalar

Tromsø, Nordic Micro-comparative Syntax (NORMS) Workshop

Artemis Alexiadou:

The fine properties of (in)definiteness spreading

EALING Herbstschule, Paris,

Artemis Alexiadou:

(Anti-)causative alternations (Kurs)

Colloque Diachro-3 “Evolutions en français”, EALING Herbstschule, Paris,

Florian Schäfer & Steffen Heidinger:

On the French Reflexive Passive and Anticausative: a diachronic view from the 'par'-phrase

Universität Oslo, Seminar i teoretisk lingvistikk,

Antje Roßdeutscher:

CAUSE and the semantics of German/English temporal dann/then and German da

Antwerpen, SIG Writing Conference,

Edgar Onea:

The Impact of Writing on Syntax

Workshop “Kollokationsextraktion aus Corpora”, Costagrande/Verona,

Uli Heid:

Kollokationsextraktion auf Basis Parsing

Workshop “Definiteness, Specificity and Animacy in Ibero-Romance Languages”, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid),

Klaus von Heusinger & Georg Kaiser:

Differential Object Marking in Spanish. Diachronic development in triggering conditions

Workshop on Presupposition Accommodation/Intensive Short Course on Presupposition Accommodation, Columbus/OH,

Arndt Riester:

Reversing the Informational Architecture of Scalar Particle

NELS 37, Urbana-Champaign Chicago,

Kirsten Gengel:

Phases and Ellipsis

NELS 37, Urbana-Champaign Chicago,

Florian Schäfer:

Middles as Voiced Anti-causatives

Universität Leiden, The LUCL Wednesday Syntax Meeting,

Kirsten Gengel:

Phases and Ellipsis: vP, CP, and DP

Workshop „DP-internal information structure”, Utrecht,

Kirsten Gengel & Anna McNay:

Information structure at the Phase Level: Ellipsis in DP                      

Universität Tübingen, Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft,

Sabine Schulte im Walde:

Can Human Verb Associations help identify Salient Features for Semantic Verb Classification? (Invited Talk)