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Activities - Guest lecture series

Time & venue:

NEW!! Regular talks take place on Mondays, 2-3.30 p.m. (either in room 5.01/5.02 at the IMS, Pfaffenwaldring 5b or in some room at the KII or KI)

Only alternatively, talks can take place on Thursdays, 5.30-7 p.m. (either at the KII, in room 17.15 or at the IMS, room 5.01/5.02).

Programme WS 2013/2014 
14.10.2013 SFB meeting (KII, room 17.52)
21.10.2013 (SFB meeting on silver standard)
28.10.2013 Abschied Bäuerle
04.11.2013 no talk
11.11.2013 SFB meeting (IMS, room 5.01/02)
(T) 14.11.2013 Joakim Nivre
Uppsala Universitet
Training Deterministic Parsers Using Non-Deterministic Oracles
(IMS, room 5.01/02)
18.11.2013 Floris Roelofsen
Universiteit van Amsterdam
An inquisitive perspective on meaning: the case of disjunction
(IMS, room 5.01/02)
25.11.2013 SFB meeting (KI, room 11.32)
(T) 28.11.2013 Susan Brown
Università degli Studi di Firenze
Verb Ambiguity: Using Two Lexical Resources to Explore the Distinctions that Matter
(IMS, room 5.01/02)
02.12.2013 Tanja Samard×ić
Universität Zürich
Likelihood of external causation and the cross-linguistic variation in lexical causatives
(IMS, room 5.01/5.02)
09.12.2913 SFB meeting (IMS, room 5.01/02)
16.12.2013 Martijn Wieling
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
Introduction to mixed-effects regression for (psycho)linguists
(IMS, room 5.01/5.02)
(T) 09.01.2014 Thomas Meyer
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Discourse-level Features for Statistical Machine Translation
(IMS, room 5.01/02)
13.01.2014 Rick Nouwen
Universiteit Utrecht
How pervasive is non-at issue content?
(KII, room 17.51)
(T) 16.01.2014 Richard Johansson
Göteborgs Universitet
Training Parsers on Incompatible Treebanks
(IMS, room 5.01/02)
20.01.2014 Eva Maria Vecchi
Università degli Studi di Trento
Distributional semantic phrases vs. semantic distributional nonsense: Adjective modification in compositional distributional semantics
(IMS, room 5.01/02)
27.01.2014 Chiara Melloni
Università di Verona
Asymmetry in N-N combinations: A theoretical and acquisition perspective
(KII, room 17.51)
03.02.2014 17:30-19:00 !!!, room 11.91
Philippe Schlenker

ENS, Paris
Reference: Insights from Sign Language (ASL and LSF)

(T) = Thursday slots, as Monday is not available in the respective weeks