Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Activities - Guest lecture series

Time & venue unless otherwise stated:
Thursdays, 5.30-7p.m., room 17.17 (Keplerstr. 17. first floor)

Programme WS 2011/2012 
20.10.2011 no talk
Extra talk: 14.00-15.30, room 12.21 (IMS)
Andrew Wedel
University of Arizona
Words influence the evolution of sound category contrast: Evidence from simulation, corpus and laboratory studies
27.10.2011 no talk
03.11.2011 Alice ter Meulen
Université de Genève
Indexical Inference
10.11.2011 Berry Claus
HU Berlin
Gapping - On-line reactivation of verb information? Evidence from an action/gapped verb compatibility study
17.11.2011 no talk
18.11.2011 Extra talk: 11.30-13.00, room 12.21 (IMS)
Daniel Recasens
Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Coarticulatory resistance and agressiveness for Catalan consonants and vowels. Jaw movement data
24.11.2011 Elsi Kaiser
Effects of processing depth on the use of gender  cues and semantic inferences in pronoun resolution
25.11.2011 Extra talk: 11.00-12.30, room 2.14 (t.b.c., IMS, Hans Kamp's office)
Daniel Altshuler (Hampshire College, Amherst, Mass.)
Towards a more fine grained theory of temporal adverbials 
01.12.2011 Detmar Meurers
Universität Tübingen
Detecting Errors in Corpus Annotation
06.12.2011 Extra talk: 17.30-19.00, room 17.51 (KII)
Jim Wood
Figure reflexives and the role of ‘anticausative’ morphology
Maria Bittner
Tense as temporal centering 
14.12.2011 Extra talk: 15.30-16.30, room 3.11 (IMS)
Christine Röhr
Universität zu Köln
Information Status and Prosody - Production and Perception in German 
15.12.2011 Bettina Braun
Universität Konstanz
The online processing of intonation – frequency of occurrence, contrast, and prediction
22.12.2011  no talk
SFB-Kolloquium, Präsentation der Kooperation C2-C4
Lucia Tovena
Université de Paris 7
Adjectives in verb formation: some semantic issues
24.01.2012 Extra talk: 17.30-19.00, room 17.51 (KII)
Marika Lekakou
Universität Frankfurt
Double perfects in Dutch
Ana Maria Brito
Universidade do Porto
A mixed type of nominalization of the infinitive in European Portuguese
31.01.2012  Extra talk: 17.30-19.00, room 17.51 (KII)
Ad Neeleman
The Linguistic Expression of Causation
Mihaela Marchis
Universität Hamburg
Control across languages
Massimo Poesio
University of Essex & Università di Trento
BrainNet: Using Brain Data and Corpus Data to Investigate Conceptual Knowledge
13.02.2012 Extra talk: 15.30-17.00, room 12.21 (IMS)
Gemma Boleda
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Coloring semantic spaces: Towards perceptually grounded models of word meaning 
14.02.2012 Extra talk: 11.30-13.00, room 17.16 (KII)
Berit Gehrke
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
How to cause a passive state 
26.03.2012 Extra talk: 14.00-15.30, room 17.13 (KII) - last minute change!!!
Siva Reddy
University of York/Lexical Computing Ltd.
Distributional Phrasal and Sentential Semantics: pushing the boundaries

29.03.2012 Extra talk: 10.00-11.30, room 17.23 (KII)
Dag Haug
Univesity of Oslo
The PROIEL parallel corpus of New Testament translation - syntax, semantics and information structure


Gapping – On-line reactivation of verb information? Evidence from an action/gapped verb compatibility study