Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Activities - Guest lecture series
Time & venue unless otherwise stated:
Thursdays, 5.30-7 p.m., room 17.17 (Keplerstr. 17, first floor)
Programme SS 2011 
28.04.2011Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm
Universität Stockholm
Lexical typology and polysemy
05.05.2011Francesco Costantini
Università di Venezia
Scope interactions and their implications for the argument structure of the causative construction in Italian
12.05.2011Britta Stolterfoht & Cornelia Ebert
Universität Tübingen & Universität Stuttgart
An experimental investigation of long-distance indefinites in English and German
Extra talk: 2-3.30 p.m., room 17.72 (K II)
Mira Ariel
Tel Aviv University
Some somes are quantifiers
19.05.2011Anne Abeillé
Université Paris Diderot / CNRS
The French Treebank and its follow-up
26.05.2011Patrick Paroubek
The PASSAGE evaluation campaign for parsers of French
02.06.2011Christi Himmelfahrt
Extra talk: 11.30 a.m.-1 p.m., room 12.21 (IMS)
Cleo Condoravdi
PARC & Universität Konstanz
Customizing a General-Purpose NL System for Database Access
09.06.2011Ken McRae
University of Western Ontario
The Dynamic, Immediate, and Interactive Influences of Real-world Events on Language Comprehension
Extra talk: 5.30-7 p.m., room 12.21 (IMS)
Igal Kvart
Hebrew University of Jerusalem & Belgian Academy of Sciences
Rational Assertibility, the Performative Role of 'Know', and Pragmatic Encroachment
Extra talk: 5.30-7 p.m., KII (Keplerstr. 17), room 17.91
Terje Lohndal
University of Maryland
Transferring Logical Forms
Extra talk: 5.30-7 p.m., KII (Keplerstr. 17), room 17.91
Marcel den Dikken
Feature Inheritance and EPP in the C-T system
Andrew McIntyre
Université de Neuchâtel
Argument inheritance without phrasal affixation
07.07.2011no talk
14.07.20117-8 p.m., room 17.17
Jaklin Kornfilt

Syracuse University & Universität Stuttgart
A Case Study in the Syntax - Information Structure Interface: The Sentential Subject Constraint as a Left-Dislocation Constraint (Humboldt Lecture)
Extra talk: 2-3.30 p.m., KII (Keplerstr. 17), room 11.01 (take the lift to the 10th floor and then the stairs to the 11th floor)
Elsi Kaiser
University of Southern California
Semantic effects on the interpretation of pronouns and reflexives: Avoiding the unknown
Extra talk: 5.30-7 p.m., KII (Keplerstr. 17), room 17.91
Markus Steinbach
Universität Göttingen
Agreement in Sign Languages
Bewerbungsvorträge CL
(Mitarbeiterstelle im Heisenbergprojekt von Sabine Schulte im Walde)

13.30-14.00, room 12.21 (IMS)
Emmanuel Eckard
Semantic relatedness and probabilistic latent semantic models

14.05-14.35, room 12.21 (IMS)
Linlin Li
Topic Models for Word Sense Disambiguation and Idiom Detection

14.40-15.10, room 12.21 (IMS)
Silke Scheible
Making sense of comparison

Abstracts of all talks
Bernd Kröger
UKA & RWTH Aachen
Kortikale Selbstorganisation während des frühen Spracherwerbs