Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Project B6 (2010-2018)

Underspecification in Voice systems and the syntax-morphology interface

Principal Investigator: Daniel Hole (until 31.12.2015: Artemis Alexiadou)
Florian Schäfer, Giorgos Spathas, and Anne Temme
Former Collaborators at the IfLA: Susanne Lohrmann & Marcel Pitteroff
Former Researchers: Cinzia Campanini, Jeannique Darby

The main research topic of this project is the relation between syntactic Voice alternations(and syntactic configurations more generally) and Voice morphology, and its implication for theories of Voice and theories of morphology/syntax interactions. The main goal of this project is to offer an integrative theory of the interaction between the morphological realization of Voice and argument structural Voice within the framework of Distributed Morphology.

In the current phase, project B6 concentrates on the domain of psych verbs. We apply our model to this verb class that behaves non-uniformly with respect to eventstructure, argument structure, transitivity/unaccusativity and Voice morphology within as well as across languages.