Sonderforschungsbereich 732:

Activities - Guest lecture series

Time & Venue unless otherwise stated:

Thursdays, 5.30-7 p.m., room 7.102 (Heilbronner Str. 7, 1. OG)

Programme WS 2008/09 
09.10.2008 EXTRATALK
Martin Forst
PARC, Palo Alto
[SFB] Grammatical Machine Translation II

10:30-12:00, IMS, Azenbergstr.12, room 12.21
16.10.2008 no talk
(BA- und MA-Linguistik Einführungsveranstaltung)
23.10.2008 Bart Geurts
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
[SFB] Embedded implicatures: the very idea
30.10.2008 Amit Dubey
Universität Stuttgart
The Influence of Discourse Information on Human Syntactic Ambiguity
06.11.2008 Udo Klein
Universität Stuttgart
[SFB] Against generalized quantifiers (and what to replace them with)
13.11.2008 no talk
(eve of the Klausurtagung of the SFB)
20.11.2008 no talk

Ian Witten
University of Waikato
[SFB] Semantic document processing using Wikipedia as a knowledge base
14:00-15:30, IMS, Azenbergstr. 12, room 12.21

27.11.2008 Caroline Féry
Universität Potsdam
[GK] Recursion and embedding in the prosody of two languages
plus Workshop Prosodic Interface Relations (PIR) 2008
04.12.2008 Olga Miseska Tomic
University of Skopje & University of Novi Sad
[GK] Clitic Doubling in South Slavic
11.12.2008 Peter de Swart
Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
David Beaver
University of Texas
[SFB] Beyond the Logical Form of Action Sentences

15:45-17:15, IMS, Azenbergstr. 12, room 12.21
18.12.2008 Berit Gehrke
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
[SFB] How to become passive (joint work with Nino Grillo)
08.01.2009 no talk
15.01.2009 Benjamin Massot
Université Paris 8 & Universität Stuttgart
[GK] The French Pattern of Morphosyntactic Variation: a case of a Diglossia
22.01.2009 Reinhard Rapp
Universität Mainz
[SFB] Identifying Word Translations Using Parallel and Comparable Corpora
29.01.2009 Julia Ritz
Universität Potsdam, SFB 632
[SFB] Annotating and Querying Multilevel Corpora in the Framework ANNIS
05.02.2009 Daniel Hole
Universität Stuttgart
Zur Syntax und Semantik freier Dative
12.02.2009 no talk