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SFB 732/B5 project data

This page provides data created in the project Polysemy in a Conceptual Systems (PICS), project B5 of the Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 732 "Incremental Specification in Context".

Enhanced versions of the database Les verbes français (LVF)

LVF is a database of French verbs. A detailed description is given in the special issue of Langages no. 179-180, 2011. The original version is available at the Modyco research lab (Paris). An on-line research interface is provided by Guy Lapalme at RALI (Montreal). Project B5 provides the following versions:

For more information, see Paul Bédaride's Wiki pages (static PDF), created in 2011, and the article Bédaride (2012): "Raffinement du Lexique des Verbes Français", Proceedings of the Joint Conference JEP-TALN-RECITAL 2012, vol. 2: TALN, Grenoble, France: ATALA/AFCP, p.155-168 [PDF on].

Lexical data, extracted from resources

Data extracted from specific resources are subject to the license conditions of these resources. Most word lists were extracted from Les verbes français (LVF): for more information on this resource see this website. Other data are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Licence.

See the README.txt files in each section for more information about the content.