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1 Short CV

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1981-1988 French, Englisch, and Italian studies at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
1984/85: Assistant teacher at Lycée Masséna, Nice, France
1985/86: Student exchange programme: University of Kent, England
1988: State exam (``Erstes Staatsexamen'') for teaching English and French in Secondary Schools, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
1989-1997: Research employee / research assistant at the Institute of Linguistics, Universität Stuttgart
1992: PhD in Linguistics, faculty of Philosophy (Dr. phil.), Universität Stuttgart. Title of the PhD thesis: Nominalgruppen in Patentschriften. Komposita und prädikative Nominalisierungen im deutsch-französischen Vergleich [Nominal groups in patents].
1997-1999: DFG grant for the habilitation project Semantik und Syntax italienischer Verben [Semantics and Syntax of Italian verbs].
1999-2000: Research assistant, Institute of Romance Philology, Universität zu Köln.
Habilitation (second qualification thesis) at the Philosophical faculty, Universität zu Köln.
since 2000: Full professor at Universität Stuttgart, director of the department for Romance linguistics

2 Research

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2.1 Research areas

Theoretical and corpus linguistics, in synchrony and diachrony (historical syntax, language contact), with a focus on French and Italian. Applications in corpus and computational linguistics. Principal research areas:

  1. Lexical semantics: semantic representation and the lexicon, see projects in SFB 732, section 2.2
  2. Diachrony: language contact and structural borrowing, see DFG project BASICS, section 2.2
  3. Corpus linguistics: automatic lemmatisation, part of speech tagging and syntactic annotation, see ANR/DFG project SRCMF, section 2.2

Habilitation (second qualification thesis): Semantik und Syntax italienischer Verben. Lexikalische Beschreibung mit Konzepthierarchien [Semantics and Syntax of Italian verbs. Lexical description using conceptual hierarchies]
Classification of Italian verb senses and semantic argument classes in a type hierarchy following linguistic and ontological principles. Treatment of several linguistic issues on the basis of this classification: polysemy and syntactic sense variation, semantic and syntaktic selectional restrictions and syntactic alternations. Implementation of these results in a system for automatic sense disambigutaion for Italian.

PhD thesis: Nominalgruppen in Patentschriften. Komposita und prädikative Nominalisierungen im deutsch-französischen Vergleich.
Contrastive analysis of French and German special language corpora, with a focus on word formation (compounds), syntax (predicative noun phrases) and text linguistics (condensation of information).

2.2 Funded projects

  • 1.9.2015-31.8.2018: DFG-Projekt

    Borrowing of Argument Structure in Contact Situations: The Case of Medieval English under French influence (BASICS) In cooperation with Carola Trips, Universität Mannheim, und Richard Ingham, (DFG Mercator Fellow, emeritus of Birmingham City University).

    [BASICS website]

    Abstract: «This project investigates grammatical change in the medieval language contact situation between English and French which arose after the Norman Conquest (1066 until ca 1500). The domain of research consists of structural borrowing phenomena and their connection with the lexicon: massive borrowing of lexical items with a predicate-argument structure is hypothesised to have favoured and produced grammatical changes. Therefore, the phenomenon in focus is the borrowing into medieval English of French verbs and the question of how their argument structure has influenced its grammar. By taking into account lexical-semantic theories, findings about language acquisition and the sociolinguistic background, the project will provide new insights into the process of structural borrowing, and into how to distinguish internal from contact-induced language change.»

  • 1.7.2014-30.6.2018: SFB 732/B5 (3rd funding period)

    Polysemy in a Conceptual Systems (PICS), research project B5 in the DFG research cluster 732 Incremental Specification in Context. [more information: SFB 732 website] [Resources provided by the project]

  • 1.7.2014-30.6.2017: Research incentive (Universität Stuttgart Forschungsfonds)

    Grammatical Analysis, Ancient Language and Computation (Graal&Co) a «start-up»-project incentive for interdisciplinary linguistic research, in cooperation with the Institue of Natural Language Processing (IMS, Universität Stuttgart, Faculty 5). The project will provide new methods for research on Old French and develop new NLP tools and resources.

  • 1.7.2010-30.6.2014: SFB 732 graduate school

    Co-director of the SFB 732 graduate school Incremental Specification in Context (with Pr. Grzegorz Dogil) [more information]

  • 1.7.2010-30.6.2014: SFB 732/B5 (2nd funding period)

    Polysemy in a Conceptual Systems (PICS), project B5 of SFB 732 Incremental Specification in Context. [more information: SFB-Seiten] [Im Projekt erstellte Daten]

  • 1.3.2009-29.2.2012: German-French ANR/DFG project SRCMF

    ANR/DFG project Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French (SRCMF), in coorperation with CNRS Lattice (Paris) und ENS of Lyon: syntaktic annotation of Old French texts (from the Nouveau Corpus d'Amsterdam and the Base de français médiéval). [more information: SRCMF website]

  • 1.7.2006-30.6.2010: SFB 732/B5 (1st funding period)

    Polysemy in a Conceptual Systems (PICS), project B5 of SFB 732 Incremental Specification in Context.


  • 1.3.2009-30.6.2010: SFB 732/B2 (continuation, 2nd funding period)

    Funktionsweise und diachrone Entwicklung deverbaler Nominalisierungsverfahren im Französischen und Italienischen (project B2 of SFB 732, continuation of the project directed by Martin Becker until 2009)


  • 1.3.2005-31.5.2009: German-French graduate school

    International extension of the DFG graduate school no. 609 «Sprachliche Repräsentationen und ihre Interpretation», in cooperation with the École Doctorale «Cognition, Langage, Interaction» Paris 8 (proposal co-authored with Brenda Laca, Paris 8).


  • 30.4.2003-30.4.2006: TransCoop-Programm

    Computer-assisted annotation and lexicographic analysis of French medieval text corpora, in cooperation with the University of Ottawa (TransCoop programme DEU/1112357 of the Alexander von Humboldt foundation).


2.3 Organisation of recent conferences and workshops

  • Achim Stein, Carola Trips, Sarah Dessì Schmid, Katrin Axel-Tober: Workshop on Multilinguism and medieval language contact: syntax and semantics of verbs, XXXV. Romanistentag des DRV. Zurich, Switzerland, 8-12 October 2017.
  • Vice-président du comité scientifique de la section Diachronie du Congrès Mondial de la Langue Française, Berlin 19.-23.7.2014. [Link]
  • Arbeitsgruppe AG6 Language in Historical Contact Situations der DGfS-Jahrestagung, Marburg, 5.-7.2.2014 (mit Richard Ingham und Carola Trips) [Link]
  • Membre du comité scientifique de la section Diachronie du Congrès Mondial de la Langue Française, New Orleans 12.-15.7.2010.
  • Membre du comité scientifique de la section Sémantique du Congrès Mondial de la Langue Française, Paris 9.-12.7.2008.
  • Lauterbad 23.-26.2.2006, Workshop Le Nouveau Corpus d'Amsterdam (mit P. Kunstmann, Ottawa)

3 Teaching and post-graduate qualification

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3.1 Teaching

  • University of Stuttgart, since 2000
    Regular courses, 8-9 hours per week, in French, Italian and general linguistics. Introductions, seminars, lectures, research seminars for post-graduates.
    Open my course list in the C@mpus system


  • Universities of Stuttgart and Köln, 1989-2000
    Regular teaching, 4 hours per week, in French and Italian linguistics: Introduction to linguistics, basic and advanced seminars in all linguistic areas (morphology, syntax, semantics, varieties, phonology, orthography, lexicology and lexicography, history of language, corpus linguistics).

3.2 Post-graduate qualification

Successful qualification of staff members

Appointments of researchers qualified at ILR:

  • Martin Becker (full professor, W3 Heidelberg, 2008)
  • Sarah Dessì Schmid (full professor, W3 Tübingen, 2013)
  • Daniela Marzo (associate professor, W2 LMU München, 2014)

PhD theses (supervised)

  • Laura Pizzolante (Stuttgart, 2017): Polysemie kausativer Verben
  • Simone Heinold (Stuttgart, 2010): Verbal Properties of Deverbal Nominals in French
  • Karoline Jäckh (Stuttgart, 2009): Funktionswandel des Konjunktivs I vom Mittelhochdeutschen zum Gegenwartsdeutschen im Vergleich mit der Entwicklung im Französischen
  • Steffen Heidinger (Cotutelle Stuttgart/Paris, 2008): French anticausatives: a diachronic perspective
  • Beatrice Bischof (Stuttgart, 2008): Französische Kollokationen diachron. Eine korpusbasierte Analyse

PhD theses (co-supervised)

  • Stefanie Anstein (Stuttgart, 2013): Computational Approaches to the Comparison of Regional Variety Corpora
  • Dennis Spohr (Stuttgart, 2010): Towards a Multifunctional Lexical Resource. Design and Implementation of a Graph-based Lexicon Model
  • Daniela Marzo (Tübingen, 2009): Polysemie als Verfahren lexikalischer Motivation
  • Benjamin Massot (Paris 8, 2008): Français et diglossie: Décrire la situation linguistique française contemporaine comme une diglossie: arguments morphosyntaxiques
  • Lucie Barque (Paris 7, 2007): A hybrid lexicon for the treatment of polysemy
  • Claire Vachon (Strasbourg, 2006): Les changements linguistiques dans la langue française littéraire du seizième siècle

Habilitation theses (supervised) / assistant professorships

  • Daniela Marzo (Stuttgart, positive Evaluation 2013).
  • Björn Rothstein (Stuttgart, 2009): Sprachintegrative Grammatikvermittlung in Theorie und Praxis
  • Martin Becker (Stuttgart, Habilitation 2006): Welten in Sprache. Zur Entwicklung der Kategorie 'Modus' in romanischen Sprachen.

Habilitation theses (co-supervised)

  • Nicolas Mazziotta (HDR, Paris Nanterre, 2016): Représenter la connaissance en linguistique. Observations sur l'édition de matériaux et sur l’analyse syntaxique.
  • Sarah Dessì Schmid (Tübingen, 2013): Aspektualität.
  • Anita Fetzer (Stuttgart, 2002): Recontextualizing Context: Grammaticality Meets Appropriateness

4 Talks and resources

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4.1 Recent talks

  • CRH-2, Vienna, 25-26 January 2018: Word-level and higher level annotation of the Sardinian Medieval Corpus (with Nicoletta Puddu). Slides (pdf)
  • LAGB, Canterbury, 4-7 September 2017, themed session: Modelling language acquisition in diachrony
    • (with Shanley Allen) The development of the English recipient passive considered in the light of psycholinguistic research
    • (with Yela Schauwecker) The acquisition of argument-structure across typological boundaries: manner-of-motion verbs in Anglo-French
  • ICHL 23, 23rd International Conference on Historical Linguistics, San Antonio, Texas, 31 July - 4 August 2017: L2 acquisition of Old French structural dative as a trigger for the English recipient passive. [accepted for workshop 'New Historical Perspectives on Non-Dominant Speakers as Agents of Contact-Induced Language Change']
  • Strasbourg 2.-4.2.2017, Diachro VIII: Changement syntaxique, contact linguistique et acquisition du langage (invited talk). Slides (pdf)
  • Portorož 25.-27.5.2016, 10th Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (LREC):
    • Old French Dependency Parsing: Results of Two Parsers Analysed from a Linguistic Point of View. Poster (pdf) / Paper (pdf)
    • LVF-lemon ― Towards a Linked Data Representation of 'Les verbes français' (Ingrid Falk & Achim Stein). Poster (pdf) / Paper (pdf)
  • Leiden 2.-5.9.2015, 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE): How passive were the English in medieval times? The development of the recipient passive in Middle English as a posssible case of contact-induced change. Slides (pdf)

4.2 Text corpora

4.3 Lexical resources

5 Publications

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5.1 Books authored


Stein(2014)Stein, Achim. 2014.
Einführung in die französische Sprachwissenschaft.
Stuttgart, Weimar: Metzler 4th edn.


Stein(2005)Stein, Achim. 2005.
Semantische Repräsentation italienischer Verben. Automatische Disambiguierung mit Konzepthierarchien Linguistische Arbeiten; 499.
Tübingen: Niemeyer.


Stein(1993)Stein, Achim. 1993.
Nominalgruppen in Patentschriften. Komposita und prädikative Nominalisierungen im deutsch-französischen Vergleich Linguistische Arbeiten 303.
Tübingen: Niemeyer.

5.2 Digital publications


Prévost & Stein(2013)Prévost, Sophie & Achim Stein (eds.). 2013.
Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French (SRCMF).
Lyon/Stuttgart: ENS de Lyon; Lattice, Paris; Universität Stuttgart.


Stein et al.(2006)Stein, Achim et al. (eds.). 2006.
Nouveau Corpus d'Amsterdam. Corpus informatique de textes littéraires d'ancien français (ca 1150-1350), établi par Anthonij Dees (Amsterdam 1987), remanié par Achim Stein, Pierre Kunstmann et Martin-D. Gleßgen.
Stuttgart: Institut für Linguistik/Romanistik.


Blumenthal & Stein(2002)Blumenthal, Peter & Achim Stein (eds.). 2002.
Tobler-Lommatzsch: Altfranzösisches Wörterbuch. 4 CD-ROMs und DVD mit Begleitbuch.
Stuttgart: Steiner.

5.3 Books edited

Co-editor of the series Linguistique de corpus et philologie informatique of Travaux de Linguistique Romane (with A. Bozzi, Pisa, and J.-M. Pierrel, ATILF Nancy).


Kunstmann & Stein(2007)Kunstmann, Pierre & Achim Stein (eds.). 2007.
Le Nouveau Corpus d'Amsterdam. Actes de l'atelier de Lauterbad, 23-26 février 2006 Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für französische Sprache und Literatur 34.
Stuttgart: Steiner.


Rainer & Stein(2003)Rainer, Franz & Achim Stein (eds.). 2003.
I nuovi media come strumenti per la ricerca linguistica Sprache im Kontext.
Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang.

5.4 Articles in journals and collections


Stein & Trips(accepted)Stein, Achim & Carola Trips. accepted.
A comparison of multi-genre and single-genre corpora in the context of contact-induced change.
In Richard Whitt (ed.), Diachronic corpora, genre and language change Studies in Corpus Linguistics, Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins.


Puddu & Stein(2018)Puddu, Nicoletta & Achim Stein. 2018.
Word-level and higher level annotation of the Sardinian Medieval Corpus.
In Andrew U. Frank et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Corpus-Based Research in the Humanities CRH-2, vol. 1 Gerastree proceedings, 161-170. Wien.


Trips & Stein(in print)Trips, Carola & Achim Stein. in print.
Cleft sentences in the history of French and English: a case of pragmatic borrowing?
In Marco García García & Melanie Uth (eds.), Focus realization and interpretation in Romance and beyond Studies in Language Companion Series, Amsterdam, Philadelphia: Benjamins.


Trips & Stein(accepted)Trips, Carola & Achim Stein. accepted.
Contact-induced changes in the argument structure of Middle English verbs on the model of Old French.
Journal of Language Contact .


Trips & Stein(2016)Trips, Carola & Achim Stein. 2016.
Modelling language contact with diachronic crosslinguistic data.
In Sam Featherston & Yannick Versley (eds.), Quantitative Approaches to Grammar and Grammatical Change Trends in Linguistics. Studies and Monographs; 290, 165-186. Berlin: de Gruyter.


Stein(2016)Stein, Achim. 2016.
Old French Dependency Parsing: Results of Two Parsers Analysed from a Linguistic Point of View.
In Nicoletta Calzolari et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16), 23.-28.5.2016, Portoroz, Slovenia: European Language Resources Association (ELRA).


Kuhn et al.(2016)Kuhn, Alexiadou, Braun, Ertl, Holtz, Kantner, Misselhorn, Padó, Richter, Stein, & ZittelKuhn, Jonas, Artemis Alexiadou, Manuel Braun, Thomas Ertl, Sabine Holtz, Cathleen Kantner, Catrin Misselhorn, S. Padó, Sandra Richter, Achim Stein, & Claus Zittel. 2016.
CRETA (Centrum für reflektierte Textanalyse) – Fachübergreifende Methodenentwicklung in den Digital Humanities.
In Proceedings of DHd, Leipzig.


Falk & Stein(2016)Falk, Ingrid & Achim Stein. 2016.
LVF-lemon. Towards a Linked Data Representation of 'Les Verbes français'.
In Nicoletta Calzolari et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'16), 23.-28.5.2016, Portoroz, Slovenia: European Language Resources Association (ELRA).


Bozzi et al.(2015)Bozzi, Kunstmann, Parodi, Pierrel & SteinBozzi, Andrea, Pierre Kunstmann, Giovanni Parodi, Jean-Marie Pierrel & Achim Stein. 2015.
Table ronde 'Quels corpus et quels outils d'exploitation de corpus pour les études de linguistique et philologie romanes: l'unité de la romanistique'.
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Stein & Trips(2014)Stein, Achim & Carola Trips. 2014.
Les phrases clivées en ancien français: un modèle pour l'anglais?
Revue de linguistique romane 78(309-310). 33-55.


Stein(2014)Stein, Achim. 2014.
Parsing Heterogeneous Corpora with a Rich Dependency Grammar.
In Nicoletta Calzolari et al. (eds.), Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'14), 26.-31.5.2014, Reykjavik, Iceland: European Language Resources Association (ELRA).


Stein & Prévost(2013)Stein, Achim & Sophie Prévost. 2013.
Syntactic annotation of medieval texts: the Syntactic Reference Corpus of Medieval French (SRCMF).
In Paul Bennett, Martin Durrell, Silke Scheible & Richard Whitt (eds.), New Methods in Historical Corpora Corpus Linguistics and International Perspectives on Language, CLIP Vol. 3, 275-282. Tübingen: Narr.


Stein & Trips(2012)Stein, Achim & Carola Trips. 2012.
Diachronic aspects of borrowing aspect: the role of Old French in the development of the 'be going to+INF' construction.
In Actes du 3e Congrès Mondial de Linguistique Française (CMLF), Lyon, 4-7 Juillet 2012, 227-246. Paris: Institut de Linguistique française.


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Les 'verbes d'interaction sociale': implicatures conventionnelles et critères de classification.
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Identification of Rare and Novel Senses Using Translations in a Parallel Corpus.
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Disambiguation of Polysemous Verbs for Rule-based Inferencing.
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Was Old French '-able' borrowable? A diachronic study of word-formation processes due to language contact.
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Syntactic Annotation of Old French Text Corpora.
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Polysémie régulière: questions de représentation.
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Elektronische italienische Wörterbücher: Devoto/Oli, Sabatini/Coletti, Gabrielli und Zingarelli im Vergleich.
Horizonte 3. Jahrgang. 143-164.


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