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Droplet Interaction Technologies - DROPIT

Participating Institutions:

University of Stuttgart University of Bergamo University of Trento

Funding Agency:


GRK 2160/1: Droplet Interaction Technologies - DROPIT


DROPIT presentation pdf
International Research Training Group "DROPIT" pdf
Qualification Programme for doctoral students pdf
Thematic Area A: Drop-Gas Interaction pdf
Thematic Area B: Drop-Wall Interaction pdf
Thematic Area C: Drop-Liquid Interaction pdf

Droplet Impact Phenomena & Spray Investigations (DIPSI) Workshop, 26. May 2017

Agenda DIPSI Workshop 2017 pdf
Poster "Multi-scale Modelling of the Evaporation Process", Christoph Mueller (SP-A2) pdf
Poster "Gas-Kinetic Simulation of Microdroplet-Gas Interaction", Wladimir Reschke (SP-A3) pdf
Poster "Mathematical and numerical modelling of droplet dynamics in weakly compressible multi-component flows", Jonas Zeifang (SP-A6) pdf
Poster "Compressible effects in droplet interaction with textured walls", Lukas Ostrowski (SP-B4) pdf
Poster "Numerical computation for drop impact on textured surfaces", Martina Baggio (SP-B5) pdf
Poster "Upscaling of coupled free-flow and porous-media-flow processes", Sina Ackermann (SP-B6) pdf
Poster "Micro and macro drop impact dynamics with miscible liquids", Ronan Bernard (SP-C1) pdf
Poster "Visualization of Droplet Internal Flow", Alexander Straub (SP-C4) pdf

DROPIT Workshop in Bergamo, 25. May 2017

Presentation SP-A2, Christoph Mueller pdf
Presentation SP-A3, Wladimir Reschke pdf
Presentation SP-A6, Jonas Zeifang pdf
Presentation SP-B1, Patrick Foltyn pdf
Presentation SP-B4, Lukas Ostrowski pdf
Presentation SP-B5, Martina Baggio pdf
Presentation SP-B6, Sina Ackermann pdf
Presentation SP-C1, Ronan Bernard pdf
Presentation SP-C4, Alexander Straub pdf
Presentation SP-C5, Visakh Vaikuntanathan pdf

KickOff-Meeting at Bergamo, 10. October 2016