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New project with the ISV institute and the Regional Assembly Stuttgart

September 24, 2015;

In cooperation with the Department of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering (Prof. Markus Friedrich; Project Leader) the IREUS institute (Prof. Jörn Birkmann and Dr. Stefan Fina) will analyze future opportunities and challenges in the development of spatial planning instruments to coordinate urban and transport development in the region of Stuttgart.

The title of the project is:

Validation and Development of Instruments to coordinate urban and transport Development in light of required CO2 reduction targets and the demographic development of the Stuttgart Region

The main task is the analyis of an efficient use of the existing road and railroad system in the booming region of Stuttgart - particularly with regards to the planning of the urban structure and settlement layout. The settlement structure should be planned in a way that optimizes transport efficiency, secures locational advantages and uses ressources efficiently. With regards to these objectives existing planning instruments will be evaluated in terms of their performance and suggestions for their development will be made.

To be more precise, the aim is to test the functional mix of different land uses in the region and their effect on individual and business transport demand and to minimize transport needs with an efficient use of existing infrastructure. As part of this task, the intention is to achieve a number of objectives in the area of transport and the environment in the light of a growing population and economy:

  • Limitation of the local environmental contribution to global climate change
  • Securing accessibility to todays standards
  • Avoid overload of transport systems
  • Reduce the impacts from transport on residential and recreational areas

The aim of the project is to test the current instruments for urban and transport development coordination in the region and develop it in a way that optimizes the environmental and transport requirements of and between the objectives stated above. The results of quantitative methods (transport models, scenarios) and a profound analysis of formal and informal planning instruments will help to formulate recommendations for the region to ensure a sustainable development path in the long term.

  • Start: end of october 2015
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Commissioned by the Regional Assembly Stuttgart with funds from the State of Baden-Württemberg (research programme NaMoReg)