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ARL Workshop

May 22, 2015;

In an expert workshop on 18 and 19 May 2015 jointly organised by the ARL (Regional Studies and Planning Academy) and IREUS questions of challenges and opportunities of spatial research in national and international knowledge transfer of climate change were discussed.

Picture: IREUS, 2015

(Participants: Prof. B. Frommer, Dr. T. Probst, Prof. J. Birkmann, Dr. R. Steiger, Dr. M. Pütz, T. Blätgen, W. Kufeld, Prof. S. Dühr, L. Blecken, Prof. J. Schanze, Prof. M. Stock, Prof. C. Jakoby, Prof. C. Meyer, Dr. B. Warner, L. Klimmer, Dr. F. Dosch, Prof. T. Hartmann, Prof. O. Renn)

The discussion focused on the questions of the host Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. Birkmann::

  • How to raise awareness about and communicate risks and opportunities of climate change ?
  • How to deal with the indirect impacts of climate change in spatial and environmental planning?
  • To what extent are issues of complexity in climate change part of planning instruments and processes?
  • What are the experiences in neighbouring countries?

Amongst other activities, the results of the workshop will be analyzed and processed for the spatial planning.