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International workshop in the TRUC “Transformation and Resilience of Urban Coasts” project in India

February 16, 2015;

International workshop in the TRUC “Transformation and Resilience of Urban Coasts” project in India

The cities of New York, London, Kolkata, Tokyo and Lagos are the central study areas in the TRUC project (, which brings together researchers from the US, the UK, Germany, Japan, Nigeria and India. The goal of the project is the reduction of vulnerability and risk of cities against catastrophic events and an optimization of risk management. The project studies the interaction and dynamics of the underlying socio-ecological systems and the potential actions of political decision-makers. It is financed within the new initiative of the Belmont Forum (, where the team around Prof. Birkmann (director of the IREUS institute, University of Stuttgart) – namely Dr. T. Welle (Stuttgart), Dr. M. Garschagen (Bonn) and Dr. J. Agboola (Lagos) - is funded by the German Research Foundation DFG (

Group photo of the workshop participants

During the international workshop that took place from 24-26 February 2015 in Kolkata, India, the focus in the discussions was on the relationships between the bio-physical models of the University of Reading, London, on the one hand, and the vulnerability and risk research of the University of Stuttgart, Germany, on the other. The main objective was to develop different risk profiles and vulnerability scenarios for the case study cities.

Furthermore, actual results could be presented and discussed with regards to the participative scenario research in the case study cities Lagos and London, collected by UNU-EHS and the University of Stuttgart.

Impressions from the conference inside (right) and outside (left).