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Scenario Workshop mit Experten in New York

9. Januar 2015;

Das IREUS führt am 28. January 2015 in Kooperation mit dem Instiute for Sustainable Cities einen Szenarioworkshop mit Experten in New York durch.

Aus der Ankündigung:

The workshop is part of an internationally funded project examining the challenges and opportunities for urban coastal resilience and transformation. The project, called Transformation Resilience on the Urban Coast (TRUC) ( is funded by the Belmont Forum ( It aims to provide an opportunity for local actors, policy makers, and academics along with the global science and academic community to learn and share experiences on historical trends of different vulnerability indicators as well as to examine the interaction over time of susceptibility, coping capacity, and adaptive capacities for New York City. The historical changes in human vulnerability will allow the detection of important transitions and transformation that might be linked to policy and development changes.

The workshop will present an exciting “out of the box” opportunity to examine with a select set of colleagues the larger-scale issues associated with New York resiliency, the key drivers which have pushed the city to its current position, and the trajectories for future adaptations and transitions.