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Sawsan Mohamed, MSc.

Mrs. MSc.
Sawsan Mohamed
Academic assistant

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University of Stuttgart
Institute of Spatial and Regional Planning
Pfaffenwaldring 7
70569 Stuttgart


Sawsan Mohamed is curently PhD researcher at the  Institute of Spatial and Regional Planning . Her research topics include Built-up energy resilience and low carbon development, and sustainability assessments methods for new and existing development. Her current research focuses on the effect of urban microclimate, urban form and urban texture on the Built-up energy performance in current and future state.

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  • Seyedashrafi, B., Mokhtari, E. & Ravankhah, M. (2014): Heritage contribution to post-disaster sustainable development of communities: The case of Bam and its Cultural Landscape, International Conference on Fortified Heritage: Management and Sustainable Development, Spain, Oct 17, 2014, conference proceeding: pp. 869-883.
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Curriculum vitae:
10/1996-07/2000 B.Sc. Building and Construction Faculty of Engineering Sulaimani University-Iraq
11/2008-01/2011 M.Sc. Infrastructure Planning University of Stuttgart - Germany
seit 2012 PhD student at the Institute of Spatial and Regional Development, Universität Stuttgart