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Project Description

Controlled Crystallization of Semiconducting Polymer Thin Films

To gain control over mesoscopic order in thin films of semicrystalline polymers like poly(3-hexylthiophene) [1–3] and low band gap donor-acceptor copolymers such as PCPDTBT [4,5] and PNDI [6] is one of our main research interests and aims at improving device performance in polymer electronic devices, e.g. organic solar cells and organic field effect transistors.
Large scale alignment via reduced nucleation densities [1] using controlled solvent vapor protocols, shear alignment [6] and crystallization under confinement [2] are some of the methods we use to align and order polymer films. This allows us to study anisotropic charge transport via field effect transistors (FETs) and to identify mobilities along certain crystallographic directions. [2,6]

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