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Project Description

Synthetic Approaches to Semiconducting Polymers

Our research team is interested in the synthesis of semiconducting polymers including redox polymers e.g. based on triarylamine moieties [1] and conjugated polymers based on thiophene units [2]. Applications for these material systems are organic solar cells, electrochromic windows and sensors. 

In the case of conjugated thiophene polymers we focus on 2D- or 3D- architectures of such systems and managed recently to synthesize and characterize hyperbranched polythiophenes starting from branched monomer systems (2,2’:3’,2’’-terthiophene (3T)) - using either oxidative [3], Ni-catalyzed [4] or electro-polymerization [5] methods.

Our synthetic approaches include copolymerization of the branched 3T with comonomers such as EDOT to allow energy level tuning [5] and the introduction of ionic endgroups via polymer analogous reactions to yield conjugated polyelectrolytes [6]. Furthermore we are interested in linear polythiophene systems which bear alkylthiophene side chains. [7] In this case we study for example the crystallization tendency as function of different alkyl side chains. 

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