M.Sc. Jinyue Wang

Function: Research Associate  
Phone: +49 (0)711 685 84061
Fax: +49 (0)711 685 84044

Institute of Engineering Geodesy
University of Stuttgart
Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 24D
70174 Stuttgart, Germany




Causes of structural deformation
(Master Geodesy and Geoinformatic, 2. Semester)
Statistics and error theory
(Bachelor Geodesy and Geoinformatic, 2.Semester)


Research activities
Map-matching algorithms
GPS Precise Point Positioning
Surveying and leveling ingenieurgeodätsicher networks


Wang J., Metzner M., Schwieger V. : Accuracy and Quality Assessment of Various Digital Road Maps for Wrong-Way Driving Detection on the German Autobahn. In: Proceeding of FIG Working Week, 29.05.-02.06.2017, Helsinki, Finland.
Wang, J., Metzner, M., Schwieger, V.: Überprüfung und Bewertung der Datenqualität von digitalen Straßenkarten – Kartenvergleich zwischen HERE, TomTom, OSM und ATKIS-Basis-DLM, DGON-Symposium POSNAV, Berlin, 2016.