QuCon (Development of a Real Time Quality Support System for the Houses Construction Industry)

is a project which is granted by AIF (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations). Within this project a real-time quality assurance tool suitable for the houses construction Industry should be developed. The focus of IIGS is the development of a real time quality index for the house construction process.


February 2009- January2011

The main goal of this research project is to develop a real-time quality assurance tool suitable for the houses construction Industry.



  • FQS: Federation of Quality Research and Science, Germany (Coordinating Association)
  • CyAQ : Cyprus Association for Quality, Cyprus

Research Performers:

  • FIT: Frederick Institute of Technology, Cyprus
  • SYN: Synectics Ltd, Cyprus
  • USTUTT: University of Stuttgart, Institute of Engineeringgeodesy, Germany
  • 5 SMEs (Small and medium enterprises)from each country (Cyprus, Germany)








  • WP 1: Construction Process Models and Simulation
  • WP 2: Development of Quality Assurance Indices
  • WP 3: Optimization of Quality Parameters
  • WP 4: Prototype Development and Pilot Testing
  • WP 5: Dissemination and Exploitation of ResearchResults
  • WP 6: Project Management

Besides the project management and the dissemination and exploitation of the research results there are four work packages (WPs). In the figure above are the work packages presented with the main responsible partners and their duration. In WP 1 a construction process model is to be developed and the simulated. The focus of IIGS within this project is the development of a consistent quality model for the building of residential houses. This quality model will be concretized with quality characteristics, parameters as well as quality indexes. If the actual and target states of the required building and construction processes are compared in real time, this model is able to calculate the quality assurance indexes.

In WP3 should the process optimized according to the quality index. The WP4 integrates research work produced during the first three WPs and delivers a prototype and pilot testing.


Modelling of Construction Process
The construction process model provides an overview for the project manager. It models the connections and the dependencies among the categories and the sub-processes.With its help the coordination and the communication in the construction process will be easier.

The construction process model contains the so-called „checkpoints“. By those checkpoints the quality control will be done. The checkpoints are concreted by the “check items”, the inspector will control the quality using the check items and give a quality score for the check items directly. The quality score varies from 1 to 5 and is fixed by the contract, the specifications and standards.











Quality Model:

An application-oriented quality model, which has taken both product and process quality into consideration, was developed. The model contains the quality characteristics, which are concreted by the parameters.













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Real Time Quality Index:
A real time quality index can be calculated by the weighed mean of the checkpoint scores. The scores of the checkpoints can be determined as the weighed mean of the check items. Die determination bases on the quality model, the scores and the weightings.


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Dipl.-Ing. Li Zhang
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Volker Schwieger