Time Table

A per day actual list can be found in C@mpus.
Additional information may be found below. Time Table for first term Basic Modules.

Teaching/Exam Dates "Mobile Network Architecture Evolution" - Summer Term 17
24-Apr-17 08:00-11:15, V38.03
08-May-17 08:00-11:15, V38.03
29-May-17 08:00-11:15, V38.03
26-Jun-17 08:00-11:15, V38.03
10-Jul-17 08:00-11:15, V38.03
08-Sep-17 Oral exams
Teaching/Exam Dates "Business Management and Administration (BMA)" - Summer Term 17
29-Jun-17 14:00-18:00, V 47.04
30-Jun-17 14:00-18:00, V 47.04
03-Jul-17   9:45-13:45, V 47.02, change in lecture hall!
07-Jul-17 14:00-18:00, V 7.01, change in lecture hall!
20-Jul-17 14:00-18:00, V 47.04
21-Jul-17 14:00-18:00, V 47.04
27-Jul-17 09:00-10:30, V 47.02 Exam
Teaching/Exam Dates "Technology and Innovation Management (TIM)" - Summer Term 17
21-April-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
28-April-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
05-May-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
12-May-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
19-May-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
26-May-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
02-June-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
16-June-17 14:00-17:15, V 47.03
23-June-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
30-June-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
07-July-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
14-July-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
21-July-17 V47.03 EXAM
Teaching/Exam Dates "Network Security" - Winter Term 16/17
Starts 17-Oct-16 (every Monday) 14:00-15:30, V9.41


Teaching/Exam Dates "Information and Contract Law" - Winter Term 16/17
13.02.2017 8:00-12:30, V 27.02
14.02.2017 8:00-12:30, V 27.02
15.02.2017 8:00-12:30, V 27.02
16.02.2017 8:00-12:30, V 27.02
17.02.2017 8:00-12:30, V 27.02
24.02.2017 Exam: 09:00-10:30, V 47.01


Time Table Basic Modules/Sub-Modules (First Term) Winter 2016/17

The Time Table for the First Term shows all 4 Sub Modules of Container Modules Computer Science Selection X, all 4 Sub Modules of Container Modules Electronics and Communication Selection X and the module Mathematics for Infotech. Note, that if several dates are given for exercises you need to attend one exercise date only. Which exercise date you should attend will be agreed upon during the first lecture.

For information on how to create your own timetable please click here 


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-9:30 RF
L, V47.05
 L, V38.04
 L, V57.06
E, Pfaff 47/4.282
9:45-11:15 CAO
E G1 Univers38/0.363
L, V 47.05
E G3 Univers38/0.363
Ebw, V 4.282
Ebw G1,
Univers38, 0.108

Ebw G2,
Univers38, 0.108



Ebw, V 47.05

L, V31.01
 Ebw, V 7.22
L, V38.03
Ebw, V38.02
14:00-15:30 SST
L, V47.05
L, V38.03

Ebw, V 47.05

E, V38.02
E G2,G4, V38.02
15:45-17:15   CAO
E G2, Univers38, 0.108

 E V57.05

PL Ebw G3, Univers38/0.108

PL Ebw G4, Univers38/0.108

 L, V38.03
E , V38.02 


17:30-19:00   CAO
L, V38.02


For attention: The information compiled for the time tables is of 3rd order and for information only! Always check the 2nd order information at C@mpus or the 1st one on the Institutes homepages, see Lecturers and Institutes.

Legend: X-Y/Z with
X=L Lecture weekly
X=E Exercise weekly
X=Lbw Lecture biweekly
X=Ebw Exercise biweekly
X=T Tutorial
Y Street
Z Hall
Vaa.bb Lecture Hall
a.bbb Seminar Room
AHM Advanced Higher Mathematics
CAO Computer Architecture and Organization
Com Communication
DSA Data Structures and Algorithms
SST System and Signal Theory
OS Operating Systems
Maths Mathematics for Infotech
RF Radio Frequency Technology
PL Concepts of Programming Languages
ElC Electronic Circuits