Exam Dates

This is the list of Exam Dates known to the INFOTECH Office. It is by no means comprehensive. And INFOTECH can take no responsibility for correctness. To double-check read either the exam date list of the central office of examinations the web pages of the institutes or the notice boards of the institutes. For oral examinations please contact the examiner directly.

Exam Break Fall 17
Advanced CMOS Devices and Technology Burghartz NN  
Advanced Higher Mathematics (Basic Module) Iancu - -
Advanced Processor Architecture Kochte 27-Sep-17 tba
Automatisierungstechnik II Weyrich  - -
Battery Modelling and Energy Management Birke 29-Sep-17  tba
Business Management and Administration Guddat 27-Jul-17 09:00-10:30,
Business Process Management Leymann/Karastoyanova 22-Aug-17 tba
Communications (Basic Module) ten Brink 01-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 11:30-12:30 V47.03
Communication Networks II Kirstädter 01-Sep-17 tba
Communications III ten Brink 04-Oct-17 tba
Compilerbau Plödereder 29-Aug-17 tba
Computer Architecture and Organization (Basic Module) Simon 08-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 8:30-9:30 V47.03
Concepts of Modern Programming Languages (Basic Module) Plödereder 08-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 11:30-12:30 V47.03
3 D Scanner Simon - -
Data Compression Simon - -
Data Structures and Algorithms (Basic Module) Bruhn 08-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 10:00-11:00 V47.03
Data Warehousing, Data Mining, and OLAP Mitschang/Schwarz 18-Sep-17 tba
Design and Test of System On-a-Chip Wunderlich 21-Aug-17  tba
Detection and Pattern Recognition Yang 19-Sep-17 tba
Digital System Design Simon - -
Discrete Optimization Funke 02-Oct-17 tba
Distributed Systems I Rothermel  - -
Distributed Systems II Rothermel -  
Electronic Circuits
(Basic Module)
Berroth 01-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 10:00-11:00 V47.03
Flachbildschirme Fruehauf 12-Sep-17 tba
Embedded Systems Engineering Radetzki 01-Aug-17 14:00-16:00, V7.03
Error Control Coding: Algebraic and Convolutional Codes Senger 12-Oct-17 tba
Hardware Verification and Quality Assessment Wunderlich - -
Hardware Based Fault Tolerance


- -
Halbleitertechnologie I Schulze 14-Sep-17 tba
Imaging Science Bruhn 23-Aug-17 tba
Industrial Automation Systems Weyrich 25-Aug-17, 11:00-13:00, V47.03 (written exam) -
Information and Contract Law Speichert 23.02.2018, 8:30 - 10:00 V53.01
Innovation and Technology Management Haner 21-Jul-17 V 47.03
Intelligent Sensors and Actors Schulze 01-Sep-17  tba
IT Service Management Jähnert -  -
Hardware Verification and Quality Asssessment Wunderlich -  -
Loose Coupling and Message Based Applications Leymann/Karastoyanova 23-Aug-17 tba
Machine Learning Toussaint - -
Human-Computer-Interaction Henze - oral exams
Mobile Network Architecture Evolution Schopp


oral exams

Mobile Computing Rothermel



Modeling, Simulation and Specification Radetzki 22-Aug-17  14:00-16:00,  V38.01
Network Security Charzinski  oral  
Operating Systems (Basic Module) Tariq  08-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 13:00-14:00 V47.03
Optical Signal Processing Fruehauf  31-Aug-17  tba
Optoelectronics I Werner  -  -
Optoelectronics Devices II Berroth -  -
Performance Modeling and Simulation Profs. Kuehn/ Kirstaedter -  -
Physical Design of Integrated Circuits Berroth 28-Aug-17  tba
Radio Frequency Technology: Introduction (Basic Module) Zhu 01-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 08:30-09:30 V47.03
Radio Frequency Technology Mahler/Hesselbarth 30-Aug-17 tba
Real-Time Programming Ploedereder 06-Sep-17 tba
Service Computing Leymann/Karastoyanova 25-Aug-17 tba
Smart Grids Rudion 24-Aug-17 tba
System and Signal Theory (Basic Module) Zeile 01-Aug-17 Repeat Exam 13:00-14:00 V47.03
Software Engineering for Real-Time Systems Weyrich - -
Space-Time-Wireless Communication Speidel 23-Aug-17 tba
Statistical and Adaptive Signal Processing Yang 11-Oct-17  tba
Technology and Innovation Management Haner 21-Jul-17 14:00-17:15, V47.03
Windenergie II Cheng -  -