INFOTECH Module Handbook (StuER 2009) and INFOTECH Module Handbook (StuER 2014).

Category Items

Introduction for new INFOTECH students

Lecture Communications WT2015/2016 [PW protected]

 Lecture Notes without annotation
 Lecture Notes 13-Oct-2015
 Lecture Notes 20-Oct-2015
 Lecture Notes 27-Oct-2015  Lecture Notes 03-Nov-2015  Lecture Notes 11-Nov-2015

Exercises Communications WT2015/2016 [PW protected]

 Exercise 23-Oct-2015 Solution Problem 1
 Exercise 23-Oct-2015 Solution Problem 2

Forms Internship Testimonial
   Assignment of a topic for MT by Chairman
   Declaration of Withdrawal
   Cover Sheet for Master Thesis Report (for Master theses carried out at the department of Computer Science)
  Adress Sticker
pdf format
gif format
jpg format
Information Documents Leaflet 'Cost of Living'
Information on Health Insurance (Courtesy of TK Health Insurnce)
 Manual "Online Application for Student Room"
 Manual Enrollment and Registration in C@MPUS

For Master Theses caried out at Computer Science Department


Handing in:

   LSF User Manual
Official Documents Study and Examination Regulation 2014 (current starting from PY14)
Bilingual German/English
Official Edition in German
  Admission Regulation 2014 (current starting from PY15)
Bilingual German/English
Official Edition in German
   Study and Examination Regulation 2009 with Amendment 2013 
Bilingual German/English
Official Edition in German
Amendment 2013 in German
Examination and Study Regulation INFOTECH 2000 (Old regulation)
  Admission Regulation 2009
Bilingual German/English
Official Edition in German
Documents for Application via  C@MPUS

 Application Manual 18/19

Internal Program Introduction Slides PY17
  Statistical Factbook
Part B [PW protected]

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