Proof of industrial internship is only required for students having been admitted according to the old admission regulation, i.e. batch 2014 and before.
Beginning from batch 2015, industrial internship is NOT an admission requirement anymore.

The admission regulation and the study and examination regulation version 2009 of INFOTECH require INFOTECH students up to batch 2014 to show proof of a successful passed Industrial Internship of at least 3 months before starting the Master Thesis.
Internships have to be agreed between the student and the offering company like any other job. The same holds for the application for Internship. The INFOTECH Office of Internship cannot act as Internship broker nor any other offices of the university. INFOTECH students are requested to check out opportunities by themselves.

Of course the Office will support as far as possible. Especially you can ask us, if an offered Internship position fulfills the requirements.


Purpose of Internship

The Internship is an important part of the course of study. It should give an insight into those tasks and problems which are typically not dealt with in an university or scientific environment. The emphasis is on the word "Industrial". This 'reality' view may contribute to understanding of curriculum contents.Especially important are the following points:
  • Industrial processing of materials
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Tools and Processes
  • Organization of work
  • Eyewitness view of social structures and their impact (teamwork, hierarchy, social environment
  • Industrial environment
  • Importance of in-time, economic efficiency, quality of products and life cycle, security aspects and environmental considerations.


Tasks during INTERNSHIP

The tasks done during Internship should be close to regular tasks of Bachelors or Masters of Science/Technology/Engineering/Computer Applications etc. They can be done in research, development, project planning, construction, manufacturing, installation, inspection, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

Pure administrative tasks cannot be accounted.



Paragraph 3.2.3 of the study regulation (for students up to program year 2008) and  Paragraph 2.3 of the admission regulation (for students of program year PY09 and further) require the Internship to be 3 month or 12 weeks or 60 days. This is the minimum value. Depending on personal prerequisites, the INFOTECH Office of Internship together with the Examination or Admission Commission may set this time to different, but not lower values. Working hours per day or week are determined by the Internship company in line with their internal requirements. The 60 day are working days, i.e. holidays or day of illness have to be counted on top. It is recommended to have the full Internship as a contiguous block of time in one company, however several installments at different companies are possible as well. The minimum contiguous time block is always 2 weeks.



To have the Industrial Internship credited, it is necessary to provide a testimonial of the employer (Arbeitszeugnis, Praktikantenzeugnis). The testimonial has to have the following information:
  • Surname, Given name, Date and Place of Birth
  • Name of employer/company, department, place
  • Kind of tasks and their duration
  • Dates of absence, illness, holidays
  • Statement on successful completion of tasks.
For companies which do not want to use their own letterhead paper, Forms for testimonials are available as pdf forms.


Working times as 'Werkstudent', apprenticeships and other/previous business activities can be credited towards internship, as long as the overall purpose of internship is fulfilled and a testimony is available.