November 26, 2018; Emna Eitel

All INFOTECH students, who have finished their Master degree between 01-Jan-18 and 31-Dec-18, so-called 2018 Alumni, are invited to the graduation ceremony of the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology Department on 8th of February 2019 starting at 3:00 pm in lecture hall V 47.02


Registration is obligatory in order to participate in the ceremony and will open on 03-Dec-2018  here .

Regardless of the department where the Master thesis has been carried out, only ONE graduation ceremony will be held in 2019 for MSc INFOTECH. Graduates who did their Master thesis at the computer science department will not be able to participate in the graduation ceremony of the CS department in April.


If you have any questions, do note hesitate to contact the INFOTECH Office.