May 8, 2017; Leonie Rörich

INFOTECH examination regulations require to register examinations in order to be able to take them. Examinations for the upcoming exam break Autumn 2017 must be registered from 10 May to 1 June 2017. Please note: You also have to register for re-examinations and second examinations during the registration period.

  • Students studying according the INFOTECH study and examination regulation 2014 must register with the central examination office (Prüfungsamt) via LSF. These are for now PY14, PY15 and PY16.
  •  INFOTECH students (PY14 onwards) who retake the Basic Modules exam in summer term 2017, have to register for the exam via LSF like all other re-examinations. For date, time and place of the Basic Modules exams please check our Exam dates section. For all other exam dates please check this link for regular updates.

  • Non-Degree Students (Erasmus, Free-Mover, Overseas) can call general registration examination forms by clicking here after having registered with the INFOTECH Office by filling in the non-degree web form