This is a guide to the features and functions of this INFOTECH web-site section for Application for Admission
For a quick snapshot on the program characteristics and the application process the  Application for Admission -Overview  page is useful.


To apply successfully, a number of basic requirements, mainly related to your Bachelor study, have to be fulfilled and later in the application process to be proven. The application requirements can be checked on the  Application Requirements page.
Different to other parts of the world, admission to a German university is only the right to take up studies and - after fulfillment of all obligations of the study- and examination regulation - receiving the academic degree. It does not include anything further. E.g., dormitories, if needed, have to be requested separately, using the defined procedure.
INFOTECH is an admission-restricted program. It means that not all applications can be considered. We have 80 seats and substantially more applications. Academic performance in the Bachelor is the main selection criteria, taking into account university grading policies. Nationality, gender, race, scholarships, work experiences have no influence on the selection process. INFOTECH runs its own application system, which is different to others of the university. Beginning from program year 2016, INFOTECH will not apply the old a two (2) step applications procedure anymore. The whole application process will be conducted in one step via the new Campus Management System C@MPUS. Further information on how to apply via C@MPUS will be provided shortly.
For newly admitted students ('freshmen') we have collected some useful information things to do and know before leaving the home country, and about student dormitories (student hostel).
The Contents of the Application Section
Application Requirements

Application Procedure in one step via the new Campus Management System C@MPUS

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