Welcome to the Chair of Materials Physics



Fundamental research for future technology

As material physicists we do not focus on optimizing a material for a desired application. Primarily, we would like to understand fundamental behaviour of materials. Nevertheless, all our investigations are related to important applications: Metallization in microelectronics, material function in chemical and magnetic sensors, thin film solar cells, or solid state batteries, just to name a few examples.

Nanostructured devices:

Hemispherical model of a core-shell nanostructure sputter-deposited upon a tungsten substrate tip

All-solid-state batteries:
Test of an ion-conductive mebrane, only a few nanometers in thickness

Scientific expertise

We are particularly interested in high resolution analysis of solid state reactions on a sub-nanometer length scale. Atomic transport and interface physics in thin layers and coatings play an important role, also mechanical properties of very small structu res. Our group obtained outstanding expertise in atom probe tomography. We are going to further promote this novel method to the investigation of polymeric and softmatter.