Energy Storage and Solid-State Batteries

We are active in the field of thin-film all solid-state energy storage materials. The ongoing research focusses on lithium and hydrogen storage:


Thin-Film Lithium-Ion Batteries

In the field of lithium storage the goal of our research is to study processes on the nanoscale in storage materials as well as complete batteries. These results are used to develop models for industrially important properties like usable capacity at high currents or fading and aging of the battery. Also thermodynamic studies of the materials are done like observing changes in the material behavior at higher temperatures.

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  Fig 1. TEM cross-section of an all solid-state battery which has been cycled 100 times at 60°C



Hydrogen Storage:

In the field of hydrogen storage a focus is given on thin films of MgH2 and LiBH4. Study of the conversion reaction between these materials is carried out electrochemically.  Investigation on the physical properties of metal hydride thin films for hydrogen or Lithium (Li) storage and ion conductivity are carried out. The transport properties and structure changes by hydrogenation and dehydrogenation will also be studied with atomic resolution by using atom probe tomography.

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Fig 2. Concentration gradient of hydrogen in a hydrogenated sample of magnesium. A magnesium hydride layer is forming at the surface, which is blocking the further diffusion of hydrogen into the material.