Chair of Chemical Materials Synthesis

Institute for Materials Science, Chair of Chemical Materials Synthesis


Our activities, research projects, materials, methods and applications:

The Laboratory for Chemical Materials Synthesis develops novel materials with desirable functions. It has an established expertise in the development of materials for diverse energy conversion and environmental protection applications. This includes thermoelectric, photoelectrochemical and electrode materials.  Current projects involve synthesis and structure and properties analysis of perovskite-type and Heusler compounds as well as nanostructured composites. The methods used to produce nanostructured materials include soft chemistry (“chimie douce”) and bioinspired techniques. The development of novel materials with exceptional properties by nano-structuring using these techniques has had a determining influence on the international research in the field. Nanostructured ceramics, cationic and/or anionic substituted perovskites and intermetallic Heusler phases have been prepared and characterized regarding electrical, thermal or catalytic properties and oxynitrides have been successfully developed for the photoelectrochemical production of solar fuels.


2nd Stuttgart Workshop on Thermoelectrics SWT 2017

The second Stuttgart Workshop on Thermoelectrics SWT took place at the Heisenbergstr 3 on
August 08, 2017.

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"Pizza & Thermoelectrics (lectures and lunch)"
The lectures given by Prof. Terry Tritt (from Clemson University) will take place at the Heisenbergstr. 3 on August 07, 2017 and August 09, 2017.
Starting time: 10:30
Sonderseminar 14. Juni 2017, 14 h Pelletron:
Doctoral student Aleksandra Krajewska