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Gastvortrag von Doris Penka (Uni Konstanz)

11. Juni 2018; Tobias Kerll

Am 12.06.2018 ist Doris Penka (Uni Konstanz) zu Besuch für einen Gastvortrag:

The semantics and pragmatics of the  German  scalar modifiers mindestens, wenigstens and zumindest

Er findet statt um 17.30 Uhr in 17.23.

Alle sind herzlich eingeladen.


Abstract The English modifier at least has been observed to have three different uses: In the scalar use (e.g. The Stuttgarter Fernsehturm is at least 200m high.) the speaker conveys that she is ignorant about the precise value in question. In the concessive use (e.g. At least the VfB won the last match.) the speaker indicates that she is willing to settle for less. In the qualifying use (e.g. At least he said so) at least is used to restrict the truth of a previous statement. In this talk, I investigate how these different meaning are mapped onto the three German modifiers mindestens, wenigstens and zumindest, which all translate Engl. at least. A question that will be addressed in particular is whether a unified analysis for the different uses is possible, or whether it is even desirable given the different lexemes employed by German.