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Gastvortrag MALAIA Dienstag 27.6., 17:30, 17.23

23. Juni 2017; Tobias Kerll

Der Gastvortrag MALAIA findet am Dienstag 27.6., 17:30, in Raum 17.23

Evie Malaia (Purdue/Freiburg i. Br.)
From signal to meaning: syntax-semantics interface processing in sign and spoken languages.

In order to understand a linguistic message, in either spoken or sign language, the recipient has to parse out syntactic structure and semantic tokens, and combine them to extract meaning from the continuous signal. The talk will focus on the neural bases of syntax-semantics interface processing in spoken and sign languages (based on EEG/fMRI experiments using animacy and event structure), highlight the modality-independent nature of linguistic processing, and suggest computational neural mechanisms by which the linguistic signal - either visual or auditory -  is identified and processed as an information-bearing percept.
All are cordially invited!