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Vortrag von Jutta Hartmann morgen, 20.6.17, 17:30, 17.25

19. Juni 2017; Tobias Kerll

Der Vortrag von Jutta Hartmann (IDS Mannheim) findet morgen, 20.6.17, 17:30, im Raum 17.25 statt.

Subject Extraposition and Wh-Extraction

Extraposition in German and other languages has been accounted for either as syntactic movement (see e.g. Büring & Hartmann 1997, Reinhart 1980, 1983, Baltin 1982, 2006, Müller 1994), PF movement (see e.g. Göbbel 2014, Hartmann 2013, base-generated adjunction at the right edge of VP/TP (see e.g. Koster 1978, Culicover & Rochemont 1990) or base-generation as a complement (see most prominently Haider 1997, 2010 and Kayne 1994).
In this talk, I address the analysis of extraposition from the perspective of English extraposed subject clauses with adjectival predicates as in 'It is possible that Peter sold his school books'. I present experimental evidence from two rating studies using two criteria as diagnostics for the possible complement status of the that-clause: (i) whether or not the that-clause can appear in subject position and (ii) whether wh-extraction is felicitous.  The results suggest that base-generation as a direct complement is not an appropriate analysis of these structures (not even in the case of ergative adjectives), but it leaves open the role of the correlate. In order to test whether this is a feature of subject clauses and the presence of the correlate, I compare the results with results of a pilot study using unaccusative psych verbs, predicate nominals and bridge verbs as a base-line.