Alireza Salimi

Alireza Salimi, M.Sc.
PhD student (LGFG scholarship)

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Telefon 0049 711 685-62737
Telefax0049 711 685-62439
Universität Stuttgart
Institut für Geotechnik
Pfaffenwaldring 35
70569 Stuttgart

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  • Monjezi, M., Ahmadi, M., Sheihhan, M., Bahrami, A and Salimi, A.R.: "Predicting Blast-induced Ground Vibration Using Various Types of Neural Networks" Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, may 10, 2010. pp. 1233–1236.
  • Salimi, A.R., Esmaeili, M.: "Utilizing of linear and non-linear prediction tools for evaluation of penetration rate of TBM in hard rock condition" (A case study, Iran). International Journal of Mining and Mineral Engineering- vol. 4, no. 3. 2013. pp. 249-264.
  • Salimi, A.R., Esmaeili, M.., Salehi, B., " Analysis of a TBM Tunneling Effect on Surface Subsidence A case study from Tehran, Iran- Istanbul-20&21 June 2013, ICCEAM 2013:International Conference on Civil Engineering and Applied Mechanics. World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology-78, 2013. pp.1131-1135.
  • Esmaeili, M.., Salimi, A.R., Aghajani, A." Prediction of backbreak in Sangan iron mine by regression and dimensional analysis. International conference in TU-Freiberg. Scientific reports on resources issues, Vol 1/2012, June, pp. 147-155- ISSN 2190-555X.
  • Salimi, A.R., Esmaeili, M., Drebenstedt, C., Dehghani, MH. "A Neuro-fuzzy approach for prediction of rock fragmentation in open pit mines" Twenty first International Symposium Mine Planning & Equipment Selection (MPES-2012). November 28-30, pp.643-653. New Delhi, India.
seit 2014 Stipendiat der Landesgraduiertenförderung
seit 2014 PhD Student, Universität Stuttgart, Institut für Geotechnik
2008 M.Sc. Mining Engineering, Excavation, Azad University South of Tehran Branch, Iran