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Last NameBlackwell    
Given NameElizabeth °    
alt. NamesE. B. ; née Elizabeth Blachrie ;     
MarriageAlexander Blackwell (+1747), medical doctor / physician    
Year born1707 ? 1700? in Aberdeen, Scotland    
Year died1758 /1774    
Place of deathChelsea    
Father's occupationmerchant Blachrie    
RelativesAlexander Blackwell (who was executed in 1747 after charges of treason), became a printer in 1730, and was later imprisoned for debt    
Educationmoved to London in 1726 together with Alexander Blackwell; trained as a midwife    
Country of ActivityScotland, UK    
Worked forA Curious Herbal 1737-9, 2nd. ed. by C.J. Trew: Herbarium Blackwelliamum 1754-73; Sir Hans Sloane; www.bl.uk/collections/treasures/blackwells/blackwells_broadband.htm?top    
PatronageRoyal College of Physicians; Dr. Mead, Chelsea Pharmacists' Union & Mr. Rand, curator of Chelsea Physic Garden; Sir Hans Sloane; Dr. Mead,     
CollaboratorsAlexander Blackwell on 500 pl.; Nikolaus Friedrich Eisenberger    
Techniquesbotanical drawing, copper engraving and hand coloring    
Sample(s)www.bl.uk/onlinegallery/ttp/ttpbooks.html ; http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/9d/Blackwell_dens_leonis.jpg    
Archival sourceswiki ; www.deutsches-museum.de/bibliothek/unsere-schaetze/medizin/blackwell/blackwell-die-illustratorin/    
Published sourcesDNB 2:604-6; AKL11 1995:328; ThB4 1910:81; Nissen 1966 #169; Th.Schnalke: Natur im Bild 1995:17ff.; Jack Kramer 1996:72f; Saunders 1995; Chansigaud: Histoire 2009; Bruce Madge: E.B.-Forgotten Herbalist? 2000; Peter Heilmann: Kräuterbuch der E.B., Dortmund 1983; Lack 1987: 88f.;    
otheractive in London ; see also www.umich.edu/~ece/student_projects/print_culture/sales.html    

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