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Last NameSpöring    
Given NameHerman Diedrich     
alt. NamesH. D. S. ; Spoering Jr. ;    
Year born1733 in Turku    
Year died1771    
Place of deathIndian Ocean sailing to Cape Town    
Father's occupationHerman Spöring Sr. (1701-1747), amateur naturalist/artist and professor of Medicine at the Academy of Turku    
Relatives1 surviving sister of 7 siblings    
Educationmedicine from father; watchmaker, instrument maker.     
Country of ActivityFinland    
Worked forSwedish naturalist Daniel Solander (1733-1782) ; Sir Joseph Banks (1743-1820) ; James Cook (1728-1779): Charts, Plans, Views and Drawings taken on board His Majesty’s Bark Endeavour in the years 1768, 1769 and 1770 ;    
PatronageRoyal Society of London ; British Admiralty; Sir Joseph Banks ;    
Collaboratorsengraver W. J. King ;     
Techniquesornithological, landscape, and natural drawing    
Archival sourceshttp://punainenturku.blogspot.com/2010/06/herman-sporing.html ; https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herman_Diedrich_Sp%C3%B6ring_(Naturforscher)    
Published sourcesAKL ; V. Chansigaud: Hist. de l'Ornithologie 2007: 92f. ; Rice 2010: 145, 147 & 164-6 ;     
otherÅbo, Sweden; naturalist; since 1755 in London. Bank's secretary on Pacific expedition & substitute artist; see http://www.plantexplorers.com/explorers/biographies/banks/joseph-banks-01.htm.    

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