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Last NameKeulemans    
Given NameJohn Gerrard    
alt. NamesJ. G. K. ; Johannes Gerardus Keulemans ;    
Children8 children with first wife & 7 children with second wife    
Year born1842 in Rotterdam, Voorschoten, Zuid-Holland    
Year died1912 or 1878    
Place of deathIlford, Essex (now part of London)    
Father's occupationwealthy embroidery manufacturer    
Educationlithography by museum director Prof. Hermann Schlegel (1804-84) in Leyden;     
Country of ActivityEngland, UK    
Worked forEdward Richard Alston (1845-1881) ; Francis Henry Hill Guillemard (1852-1933) ; ->H. Schlegel: Notes; Walter Rothschild: Avifauna; Walter Buller: Birds New Zealand 1873/88; ->John Gould; Lord Lilford; Johann Matthäus Bechstein: Nat Hist Cage Birds; George E.Shelley: Nectariniidae 1876-80; Steven George Mivart: Dogs,Jackals 1890; J.E.Harting: Sketches Bird Life 1883; Elliot     
Patronageas taxidermist for Leyden Museum Nat Hist.; British Museum: Catalogue of Birds; Ibis & Proc. Zoological Soc., British Ornith Union, Linnaean Society .    
Collaborators->J.Wolf (79 pl.: DG Elliott: Phasianidae 1870-2), ->Joseph Smit (58) & printers M. & N. Hanhart. Mintern, -> P.W.M. Trap; w.->R.B.Sharpe: (Alcedinidae 1868-71); lith: James Green    
Techniquesnatural, ornithological, mammal, and zoological lithography, hand-coloring, painting, and drawing    
Sample(s)www.fullcircle.com.au/Stock/Prints/NaturalHistory/Birds/JohnKeulemans.aspx ; www.oiseaux.net/photos/john.gerrard.keulemans/ ;     
Archival sourcesBritish Museum of Natural History: Catalog of Birds. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Gerrard_Keulemans ; talk.sciencegossip.org/#/subjects/ASC0000ci    
Published sourcesAKL; Jackson: Bird Illustrators 1975:ch.7 & hand-col.(2011) & Sharpe daughters Arch.Nat.Hist.21(1994)261-9; Skipwith 1979:130-51,159; Dance 1989; V.Chansigaud: Hist.l'Ornith 2007:145,148,158; 2009:120ff. Nissen: Zoolog. Buchillustration 1969/78 ; Magee 2009:240f.; Mengel 1980:58-62;    
other1869 to London. on expeditions to Africa, Cape Verde Islands, Principe. WV Legge's History Birds Ceylon 1880; Edward Alson, Osbert Salvin & Fred D Godman in Biologia Cent Amer 1879-1904; Mathews; Yarrell; Grandidier, Milne-Edwards; Lydekker; Sclater, Layard & RB Sharpe; ECS Baker: Indian Ducks 1908.    

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