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Last NameAlbert    
Given NameJoseph    
alt. NamesJ. A. ; Josef A. ;    
ChildrenEugen (1856-1929), founder of the Photographische Union and pioneer of offset printing    
Year born1825    
Year died1886    
Place of deathMunich     
Father's occupation    
Educationstudies of physics and chemistry ; worked as photographer in Augsburg (since 1850) and Munich (1857-) where he founded his own printing establishment     
Country of ActivityGermany    
Worked forTheodor Hessling & Julius Kollmann: Atlas der allgemeinen thierischen Gewebelehre (Leipzig 1861f.) ; Eduard Jacobi (1862-1915): Atlas der Hautkrankheiten (1904) ; Nikolaus Rüdinger (foreword by Th. L. W. Bischoff): Atlas des peripherischen Nervensystems des menschlichen Körpers (Stuttgart: Cotta 1861-72) ;     
PatronageMunich court    
Collaboratorsprinter -> Edward Bierstadt ; Albert's procedure was also devised independently by Husnik and Obernetter ;    
Techniquesanatomical, topographical, and geographical photography, photomechanical printing, Albertype (Lichtdruck, Albertotypie), citochromy    
Archival sourceswww.zeno.org/Fotografien/A/Albert,+Joseph    
Published sourcesK. Hentschel: Mapping the Spectrum (2002: 156-60) ; Ehring: Hautkrankheiten (1989: 237f.) ; Wilhelm Ranke: Joseph Albert, Hofphotograph der bayerischen Könige (Munich 1977) ; Thomas 1997: 143 ; R. H. Krauss: Photographs as early scientific book illustration, in: History of Photography 2 (1978): 291-3 & 296-8 ;    
otherAlbertype patented in Nov. 1868 by J. A. ; Bierstadt bought the US licence.    

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